10 January 2009

Before you buy the natural candles, you should read the labels carefully. Watch out for the wax used to make the candle, some ingredients were toxic. Also confirm that the candle is fragranced only with essential oils and not fragrance oils or other synthetics.

All natural candles usually promote that their candles are all natural. Remember all the statement doesn't mean the candle is all natural. Look for candle makers that list their ingredients and promote their candles with statements as following:
  • "Contains No Fragrance Oils"
  • "Contains No Synthetic Ingredients"
  • "Fragranced Exclusively With Essential Oils"
  • "Made Exclusively With Soy Wax"
  • "Made With 100% Natural Ingredients"
  • "Paraffin Wax Free"
Because natural candles fragranced with essential oils are expensive, You should consider use an essential oil diffuser and soy based unscented beeswax, soy or other natural vegetable based tea light candles.


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