10 January 2009

Ordinary aromatherapy candles in market for burning or home made self were made from traditional wax. But now there's new trend, it is gel candles.

A gel compound is used to make these candles. The gel is made up of 5% polymer resin and 95% mineral oil. It comes in three densities and the denser it is the bigger the volume of essential oil you can add.

The Advantages of Aromatherapy Candles
Gelled candles burn for a much longer time when the gel is thicker but they can be more difficult to pour. Other advantage of gel candle is you can purchase or create them with herbs, shells, glass beads, dried flowers, or other materials imbedded in them.
You can buy or make them with colored dyes to make each one unique.. The candles burn more slowly as the gel supplies the wick with a continuous and less volatile supply of fuel. Gel candles can't explode and cause horrible fires.

There is a danger of the glass containers shattering if they become overheated. Make sure you use a thicker glass container and don't use them longer than a couple of hours.

Synthetic fragrances are also made from petroleum-based products. Just as when you purchase any essential oils and check for quality, you should use the same procedure when you purchase scented candles. Beware if you can't find information about the type of scent being used. Ask for information or MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) to the supplier your purchased.

Scented candles can be toxic. Even those labeled as aromatherapy candles, can be culprits. They wonderful to decorate with but they also make wonderful gifts for the home but they can also kill you.

Candle soot is contributing to the air quality badly.That's why people who already has a lung problem such as, lung cancer, asthma, pulmonary edema, or heart problems, it can even be more of a serious problem. You should consider your young children and babies. Inhaling chemicals that are toxic at such an early age is seriously jeopardizing the future of their lungs. You are better off if you don't use votive Candles, which are encased in glass. Regular candles are safer to inhale because more air moves around them.


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