10 January 2009

Body massage oil shelf life is typically around 6 months, although good storage conditions will extend this further, and the fridge is again a useful place to store them until they have been used up.

How long the blend will stay therapeutically active depends on :
  • which carrier oil used
  • which essential oils you have added
Most of citrus oils blends have a shorter lifetime than most other essential oils. Massage oil containing only citrus oils would be very unusual so this would be a very extreme case.

Many oils can originate on the other side of the world and may have already taken 3 months to reach a distributor. Such oils may well have passed through the hands of several traders before finally arriving. The storage conditions used by everyone in the supply chain will have a major influence upon the condition of the oil before you have even purchased it.

See Essential Oil Shelf Life for more information.

There are many variables in the equation of shelf life, and it highlights the importance of dealing with a supplier that you really trust. Specialist aromatherapy suppliers often have regular deliveries of oils, so this aspect is less of an issue than if you buy your oils from pharmacies and health food stores. If you must buy your oils from a store, be sure to avoid ones that are displayed on shelves under hot lighting or in direct sunlight. One final telling sign to watch out for is products on shelves that have accumulated a visible layer of dust!

Choose your source of supply very carefully, and after purchasing your oils take good care of them. In turn, they will serve you faithfully and bring you the results that you desire and deserve.


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