09 January 2009

Essential oils are hazardous materials, they highly concentrated and flammable substances. Essential oils should not be disposed of down drains or via other methods that can cause the substances to come into contact with water supplies, vegetation or animals. But it’s ok to place 1-2 drops essential oils to the drain to freshen up the bad drai odors.

Most consumers purchase and store essential oils in small 1/2 ounce bottles and if you have aging essential oils that no longer want to use in skin care or direct diffusion applications, Do I have to Throw Up those Aging Essential Oils? Use It Up!

Disposing of small quantities of essential oils is easy. But if you're in the midst of cleaning out a large inventory of aging oils, proper disposal is even more important.

Your city or neighborhood of course has guidelines for the proper disposal of hazardous fluid ingredients. You can call the vicinity's waste management department for details. The procedure generally involves saturating the essential oil in an inert substance like sand and then sealing the mixture in an approved container.

Supplier you’ve purchased should also have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each essential oil. The MSDS provides specific safety, storage, usage and disposal information for each oil. Ask for the MSDS every time you buy essential oils.


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