31 January 2009

What is Dripless candles Dripless candles is candle which not drip the wax when. You don’t have to ruined surface and no mess to clean up. You can find tapers, pillars and cylindrical candles that are drip-less. Be sure to replace a drip-less candle before it burns all the way down, as it can create a wax plug in your candle holder that is hard to remove.

To burn it properly keep the candle upright, straight and still while burning. If you allow it to lean, it will burn unevenly and may drip, even though it is a drip-less candle. Also drafts can cause uneven burns, resulting in dripping, so keep the candle out of places where drafts occur.

The wick on a pillar drip-less candle must be absorbent enough to not allow the melted wax pool to become to high. If the wax pool does get to high, the flame will be reduced to a tiny flame and might even go out. A quality drip-less candle will not have this problem. You can also find pillars in may different fragrances. They make a lovely accent piece in your home.

How to Make a Drip-less candle?
  1. You’ll need a thick absorbent wick to consume the melting wax before it can drip.
  2. All you will have left of the taper candle in the candleholder is the stub, as the rest of the candle has burned away.
  3. Pillar style drip-less candles are made with two different kinds of wax.
  4. In the core a softer wax is used and on the outside a harder wax that has a higher melting point is used.
  5. This will form the outer shell of the pillar that will stay intact as the inner core burns down the center.
Soy candle

If you are looking for a pillar candle that is easy to clean up and will elegantly accent your home decor, try a chunky pillar soy candle. It cleans up with two easy items, soap and water. They are made using richly scented chunks of soy wax that are over-poured with scented wax of a complimentary fragrance and color. These soy candles are a marriage of artistry and fragrance. The result is a work of art that is visually appealing and aromatically pleasing. When lit they become even more beautiful as the flame dances behind the multi-colored translucent wax.


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