31 January 2009

Beeswax In Candle

Long time ago, Ancient Egyptians use beeswax as preservative. But, beeswax usage in Candle began in Middle Ages and for The Romans used beeswax to make coins to pay their taxes.

Before Beeswax

Before the entrance of beeswax in candle making, tallow or fat rendered from butchered animals was used. These candles provided light but were dirty, offensive in smell and filled the room with smoke.

Advantages of Beeswax

Soon after beeswax came on, they were readily accepted.
  • Smoke-free
  • Long-burning
  • Had a pleasant honey aroma
  • Didn’t drip
  • Non-toxic
Disadvantage of Beeswax
  • Expensive
  • Common man couldn’t afford them, unless they were a beekeeper.
Where does Beeswax Made From?

Beeswax is only produced by the honeybee, as a by-product of ingesting flower nectar and pollen. It is used in the hive as food for the young honeybee. Beeswax is a renewable resource.

Beeswax candles are used today for the same reasons as used in the 14th century. You can purchase them from gift shops, home furnishing stores, candle-makers, online or in retail stores. They come in tapers, votives, aromatherapy, body massage candles and even in pillars. You can purchase a traditional beeswax candle that has the characteristic six-sided honeycomb structure and is coarse to touch, or with modern methods a smooth molded beeswax candle can be produced. Soy pillar candles need an additive wax in order to hold their shape. Beeswax is a good source, since it is also non-toxic.

How to make Beeswax candle?

You can make these candles at home by purchasing thin sheets of beeswax.
  1. Put a wick down on the edge of a sheet of beeswax and rolling it up.
  2. Add layers to your desired candle width.
  3. In the 20th century beeswax candles also began to be made by the dripping technique. Innovations as the development of silicone used to release the beeswax from the mold have created newer ways to make beeswax candles.

Dripless Candles

What is Dripless candles Dripless candles is candle which not drip the wax when. You don’t have to ruined surface and no mess to clean up. You can find tapers, pillars and cylindrical candles that are drip-less. Be sure to replace a drip-less candle before it burns all the way down, as it can create a wax plug in your candle holder that is hard to remove.

To burn it properly keep the candle upright, straight and still while burning. If you allow it to lean, it will burn unevenly and may drip, even though it is a drip-less candle. Also drafts can cause uneven burns, resulting in dripping, so keep the candle out of places where drafts occur.

The wick on a pillar drip-less candle must be absorbent enough to not allow the melted wax pool to become to high. If the wax pool does get to high, the flame will be reduced to a tiny flame and might even go out. A quality drip-less candle will not have this problem. You can also find pillars in may different fragrances. They make a lovely accent piece in your home.

How to Make a Drip-less candle?
  1. You’ll need a thick absorbent wick to consume the melting wax before it can drip.
  2. All you will have left of the taper candle in the candleholder is the stub, as the rest of the candle has burned away.
  3. Pillar style drip-less candles are made with two different kinds of wax.
  4. In the core a softer wax is used and on the outside a harder wax that has a higher melting point is used.
  5. This will form the outer shell of the pillar that will stay intact as the inner core burns down the center.
Soy candle

If you are looking for a pillar candle that is easy to clean up and will elegantly accent your home decor, try a chunky pillar soy candle. It cleans up with two easy items, soap and water. They are made using richly scented chunks of soy wax that are over-poured with scented wax of a complimentary fragrance and color. These soy candles are a marriage of artistry and fragrance. The result is a work of art that is visually appealing and aromatically pleasing. When lit they become even more beautiful as the flame dances behind the multi-colored translucent wax.

30 January 2009

Rain And The Rain Season

Sneeze border=What is your preparation and anticipation for the rain season this year? Rain season is identically with flood and diseases. There are several diseases often show up during rain season,such as flu, dengue fever and diarrhea. How you prevent the flu?

  1. Prevent flu is easy. All you have to do is get rest a lot. Rest for a while will improve your immune system. So, if have rest but still feel that your body is not fit, that’s indicate that you need more rest.
  2. Washing hand is very important to prevent the disease spread away. Some flu virus spread by direct contact. Wash your hands as many as possible with soap, hot water would be better.
  3. Hand WashAvoid personal contact with patient, coz the virus can spread through air and saliva. But, it doesn’t mean you have to stay away from them. Protect your self by consume lots of supplements and nutrients, food contains phytochemical. Phytochemical is a chemical substance in plants which growth as vitamin. This substance contained at fresh green, red and dark yellow vegetable and fruits.
  4. Get exercise! You don’t have to have hard exercise. Just do it soft and regularly such as jogging or light gym.
  5. Don’t smoke. Smoking can make you easier to get flu. The smoke cause your lungs dry, and make you easier attacked by virus.
  6. Drink lots of water. Water use to wash all the poison inside the body. Adult people need about 8 glass of water a day.
  7. You can spray a save pesticide to kill all the mosquito or smear antimosquito cream.
  8. Hanging ClothesAlways keep your neighborhood clean especially inside your own room. Don’t hang your clothes outside. The clothes can become the place for mosquito to hide and nest. If you still want to hang the clothes better if you keep them inside your wardrobe, or fold them.
  9. Clean table and drawers in your room every day. Throw away all papars which not used anymore. Dirty drawers can become mosquito nest.
  10. You can spread abate powder at the intercept water place. 2-3 times a month. Abate is not harmful for human, but still keep away from children.

20 January 2009

Five Top Reasons You're Gaining Weight

Most of us know that weight gain is caused by food, fried foods, giant portions, decadent desserts, alcohol, sugary soft drinks and etc. And there's little question why the pounds pile up when you take in more calories than you burn in physical activity. Well, you must know that extra calories may not be the only cause of weight gain.
Here are five factors that can cause weight gain you may not expected:

1. Lack of Sleep
When you don't get enough sleep, your body experiences physiological stress and, biochemically, you store fat more efficiently.

When you're tired, you also don't handle stress as well, so you may reach for food as a coping mechanism. You may be taking in extra calories from late-night snacking. Some people think eating might help them get back to sleep, but all it really does is add more calories to their daily total.

Symptoms that you may not be getting enough rest include fatigue, low energy levels, nodding off easily and feeling irritable. Strive to get eight hours of sleep each night.

2. Stress
Stress affects our mood and emotions. Financial pressures, triggers a biochemical process where our bodies go into survival mode. Our bodies store fuel, slow down metabolism and dump out chemicals [cortisol, leptin and other hormones] which are more likely to cause obesity in the abdominal region. Many people reach for food to help ease the stress. But, of course, this doesn't work in the long run.

3. Medications
What are those medications :
  • Antidepressants
  • Antipsychotics
  • Antiseizure medications
  • Diabetes medications
  • High blood pressure medications
  • Heartburn medications
  • Steroids
Some prescription drugs used to treat depression, mood disorders, seizures, migraines, blood pressure and diabetes can cause weight gain. Some steroids, hormone replacement therapy and even oral contraceptives may also cause gradual weight creep. Your medicine cabinet might be the cause of your weight gain if you've gained 5 or more pounds in a month without a change in your lifestyle.

In the case of antidepressants, weight gain may not even be related to the action of the drug feeling better can also result in a heartier appetite. Some drugs can cause fluid retention that shows up on the scale as weight gain, but is not fat, and is usually easily corrected.

4. Medical Condition
Hypothyroidism is the most common medical condition that causes weight gain is. A deficiency of thyroid hormone can decrease metabolism, causing appetite loss and weight gain. What is hypothyroidism.symptoms? feeling fatigued, lethargic, swelling, hoarse voice, intolerance to cold, sleeping too much or headaches.

Much rarer is a condition known as Cushing's syndrome a disorder caused by an excess of the hormone cortisol that can also result in weight gain.

5. Menopause
Women reach menopause at a range of ages, but most are in midlife and are often less physically active than when they were younger. Along with aging comes a natural slowing of metabolism. At the same time, hormonal changes can trigger hunger, depression, and poor sleep.

It is multifactoral. When women go through menopause, they lose estrogen, causing their shapes to changeusually a loss of hip and thigh weight. And they start to gain more in the middle. Estrogen favors fat deposition in the lower body, and when you lose this hormone, fat is more likely to be deposited in the midsection (much like men). This spare tire around the middle has been not so affectionately called the "menopot."

Exercise helps offset bone loss that can come with menopause. A combination of exercise and a healthy, calorie-controlled diet rich in calcium and vitamin D is the answer to thwarting menopausal weight gain.

Sugars….. Sugars….. Sugars…..

Almost all kind of food contain sugars from small dessert like ice cream, fruits, meals until your soft drinks. As part of a healthy, balanced diet, you can enjoy sugars in moderation.

What Are Sugars?
Sugars are carbohydrates. Act as an important source of energy for the body. per gram while alcohol provides 7 calories (29 kilojoules) per gram.

There are two type of sugar :

1. Single sugars (made from one molecule)
  • Glucose
  • Galactose
  • Fructose (fruit sugar)
2. Double sugars (made up from two molecules)
  • Sucrose (white sugar) : fructose + glucose
  • Lactose (milk sugar) : glucose + galactose
  • Maltose : glucose + glucose
Sources of Sugars
There are many other types of sugars. Some occur naturally in fruits, vegetables and milk. Sugars are also added as ingredients to many foods. Carbohydrate-rich foods include fruits, root vegetables, rice, noodles and bread. However, before the carbohydrates in these foods can be used for energy, they must be digested and broken down into sugars.

Sugars In Foods
  • Using sugars can improve the texture and colour of baked goods.
  • Sugars help produce the moistness of cakes and the golden-brown colour and crispy texture of biscuits.
  • Sugars are needed when baking bread to enable yeast to work.
  • Sugars balance the sour taste of tomatoes in sauce, vinegar in achar and tamarind in assam gravies.
These sugars often appear on food ingredient lists: Glucose, Fructose, Lactose, Maltose, Sucrose (white sugar), Corn syrup, Brown sugar, Honey.

How do sugars fit into a healthy diet?
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has indicated that sugars can play a role in a healthy diet. However, if your energy needs are very low or you are overweight, you should go easy on the total calories from all sources that you consume.

A healthy diet should include a variety of different types of foods such as :
  • Cereals and Cereal Products
  • Roots and Tubers
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Legumes (Peas and Beans)
  • Meat, Poultry and Fish
  • Dairy Products
How does the body use sugars?
The body uses all types of sugars in essentially the same way. During digestion, all carbohydrates, including sugars and starches such as rice, noodles and bread, break down into single units of sugars which, in turn, are all converted to glucose. Glucose travels through the blood stream to body cells to provide energy or is stored for future use. Glucose is the only nutrient that the brain and red blood cells can use for energy.

Do sugars cause overweight?
Weight gain results when a person regularly consumes more calories than he or she expends. Excess energy may come from over-consumption of any food. Nutrients such as carbohydrate, protein and fat provide energy to the body. All carbohydrates, including sugars, provide 4 calories (16 kilojoules) per gram, which is the same as for protein. Fats provide 9 calories (37 kilojoules)

Weight Loss for Men

Six pack here I come...

1. Aim for a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 18.5 and 24.9.

If you’re BMI more than this you must have high percentage of muscle. You’re not to fat then measure you waist.
If you’re waist :
  • 37 inches (94cm) : you are at increased risk of health problems
  • 40 inches (102cm) : you are at a high risk.
Getting your percentage of body fat. Body fat will give you an idea whether you need to shape up or not.
  • Ages of 20 to 39 : your boy fat should aim for 8-20%
  • Ages of 40 to 59 : you body fat should aim for 11-22%
  • Ages of 60 to 79 years : your body fat should for 13-25%.
Got get your shape up on gym.

2. Your mate can become indicator if you’re to fat. Don’t get mad first, try to give your best performance to her. If you have a partner, ask them for help. Most women will be delighted and only too happy to serve up healthier meals and smaller portions.

Lie for goodness is ok. If any of your mates start questioning you about what you’re eating and drinking. If you’re off the booze tell them you’re on antibiotics; if you’re skipping the burger and fries tell them you have high cholesterol and the doctor has told you to cut down on fat; or if you’re eating more wholegrain carbs, fruit or veg tell them you’re in training for a sporting event such as a half marathon or triathlon.

3. For some man diet may be hard to do. Well, if you don’t like it don’t do it. Rather than die hard to try diet, better if you start to change your habits and lifestyle. This will give you best result weight loss for a long term.

4. Eating healthy food.
  • more fruit, vegetables and grains
  • eat fish twice a week (salmon, mackerel or fresh tuna)
  • opt for low-fat dairy product
  • more like lean red meat and chicken
  • choose the fresh, natural, unprocessed foods
  • eat fewer fried and fatty foods
  • cut back on salt and sugar
  • watch portion sizes
  • don’t drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol in a day
5. Don’t even think to try low-carb diets (i.g Atkins). Large amounts of red meat, eggs, cream, cheese, butter and fried food might seem appealing but diets based on these foods are usually loaded with artery-clogging saturated fat – and men are already at an increased risk of heart disease compared to women.

Carbs are actually friends to weight loss rather than foes, especially if you opt for wholegrains such as wholewheat cereals and pasta, brown rice, wholemeal breads and porridge, which will all help to fill you up and keep you fuller for longer.

6. Eat more fruits and vegetables each day. Take it in every dishes. Apple for morning, tomato for sandwich at lunchtime and onion plus mushroom for dinner.

7. Eat a healthy, balanced meal before going to the pub so you’ll be less likely to grab a takeaway on the way home. If you don’t have time for a proper meal, opt for a wholemeal sandwich or soup and a roll.

8. Drive to the pub so your mates won’t keep encouraging or forcing you to have pint after pint.

All alcohol is packed with calories, but men tend to drink pints and pints tend to be the worst option – and the stronger the lager or beer, the more calories it will contain. A pint of ordinary strength lager contains around 165 calories, while strong lager contains 250 calories. Single measures of spirits with low-cal mixers like diet cola or slimline tonic are the best choice with just 50 calories each.

9. Don’t just watch sport from the comfort of your armchair or local pub. Instead, get off your butt and start playing it. Football, cricket, rugby or running any sport which can burn your calorie. And if you have a gym membership, make sure you’re using it.

Whatever you do, don’t wait until you’ve been diagnosed with a health problem before you take action! Weight loss will give you more energy and help to improve everything from your health and looks to your confidence and love life!

Why My Diets Don't Work?

Dieting is become more and more people this days. One of the biggest purpose is for weight loss. Doesn’t matter what method you use, whether it’s fad diet, liquid diet or home delivery diet, people will try almost anything in their frantic desire to shed a few pounds.

With all those diets and method why most dieters has the same result? They only success for a short term but not for long term. Even worse, most dieters end up with their weight bigger than before they start to diet. So thr question is: Why My Diets Don’t work?

Diets mean change habits! And it’s hard to do
Diet need change in a person's normal eating habits over an extended period of time. Change habits is not as easy as you think because they fit in with our lifestyle and the people around us long time ago before you start to diet and changing something that is second nature to us very often results in stress.

Dieters rarely think of rehearsing how they will manage in difficult situations such as going out to dinner with friends; they just hope their willpower will hold up and punish themselves if it doesn't.

There's also the danger that when we feel like we've made some progress in our diet, we become less inclined to put ourselves through the struggle of restricting our food.

Diets make you feel hungry and deprived
No matter what size are you, diets make you hungry and create powerful cravings for the very foods you are trying to avoid, eg sugar and fat. Dieters also have to manage feelings of deprivation. And this will make worse because you become overeating.

Dieters lapse and collapse
Most people get bored with rigid eating plans and go off the rails from time to time. The trouble is that for many people a lapse is a sign of failure. The lapse becomes a slippery slope and they end up eating anything that's not nailed to the floorboards because 'it's fine, I'll start again tomorrow'. Such a diet doesn't exist, and they may end up bigger each time they try.

Diets fail to address the emotional aspect of overeating
People often eat to help deal with emotional problems, not because they hungry. This is normal, but some people gain weight because they turn to food for emotional comfort or to cope with negative feelings like anger or loss - for example, after a row with a loved one. And losing weight can make things worse, because people have to cope with the pressures and expectations of their new body shape.

Top Tips for Weight Control

1 in 5 overweight people are successful - when success is defined as losing at least 10 percent of their weight and keeping that off for at least 1 year.

To help motivate people who feel despondent about their ability to control their weight in the long term, they have compiled this list of top success strategies used by the thousands of successful slimmers they have interviewed.
They are :
  • being physically active for an hour or more a day, for example take a walk for one hour
  • eating breakfast regularly
  • eating a low fat diet and keeping a check on overall calorie intake
  • check on their weight regularly (once or twice a week)
  • not falling into the trap of ‘all or nothing’ thinking (where you feel bad if you overeat/eat a high calorie food, feel you’ve blown it and keep on eating)
  • having a fairly consistent eating pattern across weekdays and weekends
  • greatly limiting their variety of fatty and sugary foods
The big reason they can keep putting them into practice rather than go back to old habits is their positive state of mind. They believe, and keep on believing that they can keep up these changes and that they are worth it.

17 January 2009

5 Quick Tips Choosing High Fiber Food

1. Go with whole fruit instead of juice. Whole apples and whole oranges are packed with a lot more fiber and a lot fewer calories than their liquid counterparts.
2. Break the fast with fruit. Get off to a great start by adding fruit, like berries or melon, to your breakfast every day.
3. Check the label for fiber-filled whole grains. Choose foods that list whole grains (like whole wheat or whole oats) as a first ingredient. Bread, cereal, crackers and other grain foods should have at least 3 grams of fiber per serving.
4. Eat more beans. It's easy to forget about beans, but they're a great tasting, cheap source of fiber, good carbs, protein, and other important nutrients.
5. Try a new dish. Test out international recipes that use whole grains, like tabouli or whole wheat wheat pasta, or beans, like Indian dahls.

Source : Harvard School of Public Health

10 January 2009

Soy Aromatherapy Candles

Soy Aromatherapy candles are environmentally friendly. Soy wax comes from Soy Beans and is ideal for the manufacture of Aromatherapy candles.
There are no pollutants or irritants in Soy wax which makes Aromatherapy Soy candles ideal for those who suffer from respiratory infections, allergies or Asthma.

It is possible that after burning paraffin candles, visitors to your home may notice a heavy residue in your curtains and other furniture fabrics. Soy wax burns clean, which means that it doesn't contain any soot. Soy Wax candles are the perfect solution for those who want to make sure that the Aromatherapy candle they are breathing is 100 percent natural, organic and healthy.
You can buy Soy Wax candles in a variety of designs:

1. Containers - a container candle is a candle where the soy wax has been poured into a container, and the candle is not separate from the container
2. Votives - Votive candles are smaller and are used with special Votive Glass candleholders
3. Pillars - Pillars are tall candles and can vary in size

You should choose your Aromatherapy candle based upon the qualities that you need because different essential oils have various properties. Here is a description of some of the most popular herbs and their antibiotic and healing properties :
  • Goldenseal
  • Juniper Berry
  • Thyme
  • Evhinacea
  • Myrrh
The Juniper Berry is a wonderful herb that has an earthy and fruity scent. Burn Juniper Berry for it's cleaning impurities and helping to treat obesity. Use these fragrances when you are removing germs from the air. They are powerful tools when used in a sickroom or for those who are suffering from various infections.
Antiseptic herbs are also powerful when fighting sickness. Some great herbs that have germ-fighting power include :
  • Rosemary
  • Plaintain
  • Goldenseal
  • Wormwood
  • Thyme
  • "Barberry
  • Whitewood
Rosemary is a powerful germ-fighting herb that helps stimulate the circulatory system, and revitalize the entire body. Rosemary may have a medicinal smell, but it is well worth it.
Many candles are used for their ability to relax and calm body and mind. There are a variety of different herbs as well as blends that will promote peacefulness. Here are some popular herbs that will promote tranquility :
  • Chamomile
  • Lemon Balm (Melissa)
  • Peppermint
  • Rue
  • Hyssop
  • Spearmint
  • Kava Kava
  • Passion Flower
  • St. John's Wort
  • Valerian
You can choose to make your own blend of essential oils for candles by blending Chamomile with Lavender and Rose.

By adding Aromatherapy Soy candles to your life, you will find that you have an added tool to fight stress and promote peacefulness and tranquility. The fragrance of many candles is exquisite with woodsy, spicy, floral and sweet aromas.

If you would like to enjoy a wonderful relaxing bath, try adding a few drops of the same essential oil as your candle to your bath water. Soak in the fragrant tub for at least 20-30 minutes while burning your Aromatherapy candle.

If you are looking for balance and harmony in your life you may find that Aromatherapy is the answer.

How to Shop Natural Candles?

Before you buy the natural candles, you should read the labels carefully. Watch out for the wax used to make the candle, some ingredients were toxic. Also confirm that the candle is fragranced only with essential oils and not fragrance oils or other synthetics.

All natural candles usually promote that their candles are all natural. Remember all the statement doesn't mean the candle is all natural. Look for candle makers that list their ingredients and promote their candles with statements as following:
  • "Contains No Fragrance Oils"
  • "Contains No Synthetic Ingredients"
  • "Fragranced Exclusively With Essential Oils"
  • "Made Exclusively With Soy Wax"
  • "Made With 100% Natural Ingredients"
  • "Paraffin Wax Free"
Because natural candles fragranced with essential oils are expensive, You should consider use an essential oil diffuser and soy based unscented beeswax, soy or other natural vegetable based tea light candles.

Gel Aromatherapy Candles

Ordinary aromatherapy candles in market for burning or home made self were made from traditional wax. But now there's new trend, it is gel candles.

A gel compound is used to make these candles. The gel is made up of 5% polymer resin and 95% mineral oil. It comes in three densities and the denser it is the bigger the volume of essential oil you can add.

The Advantages of Aromatherapy Candles
Gelled candles burn for a much longer time when the gel is thicker but they can be more difficult to pour. Other advantage of gel candle is you can purchase or create them with herbs, shells, glass beads, dried flowers, or other materials imbedded in them.
You can buy or make them with colored dyes to make each one unique.. The candles burn more slowly as the gel supplies the wick with a continuous and less volatile supply of fuel. Gel candles can't explode and cause horrible fires.

There is a danger of the glass containers shattering if they become overheated. Make sure you use a thicker glass container and don't use them longer than a couple of hours.

Synthetic fragrances are also made from petroleum-based products. Just as when you purchase any essential oils and check for quality, you should use the same procedure when you purchase scented candles. Beware if you can't find information about the type of scent being used. Ask for information or MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) to the supplier your purchased.

Scented candles can be toxic. Even those labeled as aromatherapy candles, can be culprits. They wonderful to decorate with but they also make wonderful gifts for the home but they can also kill you.

Candle soot is contributing to the air quality badly.That's why people who already has a lung problem such as, lung cancer, asthma, pulmonary edema, or heart problems, it can even be more of a serious problem. You should consider your young children and babies. Inhaling chemicals that are toxic at such an early age is seriously jeopardizing the future of their lungs. You are better off if you don't use votive Candles, which are encased in glass. Regular candles are safer to inhale because more air moves around them.

Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles are a small, beautiful light/heat source, and candles can be so wonderfully herbal or floral aromatic as they burn. They add a beautiful, ambient touch to a romantic evening, help add an air of relaxation and calmness at bath time and provide a sense of comfort. Burn aromatherapy candles to alter, enhance, and improve your state of mind while adding a touch of nature's pure perfume to your surroundings.

Candles are used in religious ceremonies, in meditation and in so many other applications where a sense of enlightenment, relaxation or calm is sought.

The chemicals in the essential oils enter your body as you breathe, and travel throughout the body, including the brain, through the bloodstream. You receive subtle benefits as the chemicals interact with your body. Don't expect to receive full healing benefits by lighting a candle, but aromatherapy candles provide the same dual benefits

Most candles are not all natural, even if they are marketed with the word aromatherapy. There are extra worries as they can be made with other dangerous chemicals. Burn synthetic ingredients or even natural ingredients with toxic compounds, and despite how pleasantly fragrant the air is that you breathe, you will still inhale toxins.

Lead free wicks and no animal by-products are all things to look for when you choose scented candles. Scented candles are a lot different than those made from essential oils, the same way that essential aromatherapy oils are different from perfumed oils.

When you're choosing your essential oils, beware of companies that don't give explicit details of where and how these candles are made. This in itself is a problem as there are no current laws requiring labeling for therapy candles.

The Wax Used to Produce the Candles
Candles made with waxes that emit toxins when burned (paraffin) aren't considered aromatherapy grade. Most of us without thinking just buy for the scent, color, and price. Paraffin is a wax commonly used in candle-making and it's a petroleum-based product, therefore it's like industrial oil.

Beeswax, Palm, Soy, other vegetable based waxes and perhaps bayberry are the waxes of choice by those who are environmentally conscious and by those involved in aromatherapy. Check the ingredients to ensure that no other unsafe ingredients were added.

They may cost you more since you'll be using only the best possible ingredients, but it will be well worth the cost. Those wishing to produce natural candles face several challenges because of pros and cons of each wax and the higher cost of each wax. Soy, for instance is a soft wax, the favorite wax used for candle making and is said to be by many, the cleanest burning of all candle waxes. It also retains the aroma longer than others. Aside from small votives and tea lights, larger soy based candles are usually available only as larger container candles. Beeswax is a much firmer wax, but is expensive and has its very distinctive but pleasant honey-like aroma and color.

When you see displays of colorful and highly fragrant candles in department stores, specialty stores and even in health-conscious stores, it's not uncommon to find the word "aromatherapy" used on candles that are fragranced with fragrance oils and/or use paraffin wax.

The Quantity Essential Oil Required to Make Aromatic Candles
It requires a significant amount of essential oil in order for the fragrance of the essential oil to be detectible in the candle. As a result, most candles on the market use synthetic fragrance oils. The same holds true for bar soap manufacture, though there are more aromatherapy grade bar soaps available than candles.

The Candle Wicks
Lead free wicks are now required in many regions of the world because studies have shown how poisonous lead can be. Unfortunately, there are candles manufactured in some countries that still use lead or other metals to strengthen the wicks. You can find candles lovingly made by caring people with wicks of natural fibers such as cotton and hemp. The size of the wick and the insertion method also affect how the candle will burn, another reason to know your retail source.
If you plan to make candles you can find them in a variety of lengths and with the little metal tabs at the bottom already attached. Some wicks are coated in wax to help them burn with more control. As you will see below non-petroleum based waxes are recommended. When metal is used to keep wicks straighter, zinc cores now replace lead.

The Candles Colorants
Several brightly colored herbs and fruit fibers may work successfully when blended with natural waxes and burned.

Benefits of Rosehip Oil

Rosehip is a fairly new ingredient in modern cosmetic skin care products as it contains good amounts of vitamin C, which is not only healing but is also a wonderful ingredient.

Constituents and Chemical Compounds of Rosehip Oil.
Vitamin C, boron, capric acid, tannins, catechin-tannins, citric acid, essential oil, epicatechin, flavonoids, gallocatechin, invert sugars, isoquercitrin, kaempferol-3-glucoside, leucoanthocyanins, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, lycopene, magnesium, malic acid, pectin, protein, rubidium, rubixanthin, succinic acid, sucrose, alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E), vanillin, xanthophyll and zeaxanthin.

Health Benefits and Other Function
  • Act as fixative and is refrigerant
  • Astringent and diuretic properties
  • Has emollient properties
  • Act as antioxidant.
  • Contains high in GLA, help to reduce the signs of aging, especially the fine lines around the eyes (crow's feet) and lines around the mouth, as well as combating the drying effects of the sun, environment and climate.
Rosehip Oil Effectiveness
Daily applications of rose hip oil helped with wrinkle reduction, as well as fading sun damaged areas of the skin.
High levels of the fatty acids (linoleic (47.4%) and linolenic (33%)) helps the skin to heal and speeds up regeneration, while preventing the formation of thick keloid scar tissue and is helpful in healing burns, scars and stretch marks.

The success rate of attenuating and reducing the formation of keloid scar tissue and loosening up fibrous cords is successful in both accidental and surgical scars.

Fatty acids are essential building blocks of cellular membranes, to allow efficient transportation of nutrients from the extracellular space into the intracellular environment where metabolism takes place.

Rosehip Oil penetrates the skins very quickly. It's a good moisturizer and with all the other positive properties, and its tissue regeneration action, it is easy to understand why it is also described as the "oil of youth".

Essential Oils Rancidity

Body massage oil shelf life is typically around 6 months, although good storage conditions will extend this further, and the fridge is again a useful place to store them until they have been used up.

How long the blend will stay therapeutically active depends on :
  • which carrier oil used
  • which essential oils you have added
Most of citrus oils blends have a shorter lifetime than most other essential oils. Massage oil containing only citrus oils would be very unusual so this would be a very extreme case.

Many oils can originate on the other side of the world and may have already taken 3 months to reach a distributor. Such oils may well have passed through the hands of several traders before finally arriving. The storage conditions used by everyone in the supply chain will have a major influence upon the condition of the oil before you have even purchased it.

See Essential Oil Shelf Life for more information.

There are many variables in the equation of shelf life, and it highlights the importance of dealing with a supplier that you really trust. Specialist aromatherapy suppliers often have regular deliveries of oils, so this aspect is less of an issue than if you buy your oils from pharmacies and health food stores. If you must buy your oils from a store, be sure to avoid ones that are displayed on shelves under hot lighting or in direct sunlight. One final telling sign to watch out for is products on shelves that have accumulated a visible layer of dust!

Choose your source of supply very carefully, and after purchasing your oils take good care of them. In turn, they will serve you faithfully and bring you the results that you desire and deserve.

Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils

By difusing Essential oils you can experience the effects of essential oils effectively
And this was the perfect way to improve you home, work, or study environment. You can Purify the air and neutralize mildew, cigarette smoke, or other disagreeable odors in your home, workplace or other environment.

Benefits of Proper Diffusing
The anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic properties of the oils, along with the negative ions and oxygenating molecules that are released when essential oils are diffused, all help to reduce chemicals, pathogenic micro organism (bacteria), and metallics in the air.

Essential oils provide remarkable protection against viral infections ranging from shingles to influenza. You can ask to someone who regularly diffuses essential oils in their home and ask them how many colds they have had lately. For families with children, diffusing is a God-send. It translates directly into fewer sickness, fewer doctor visits, and fewer medical bills. Even when a cold is felt coming on (caught from infection outside the home), its duration is quickly curtailed.

Spesific essential oils diffused in a closed chamber killed every virus tested within minutes. Lemongrass, Roman chamomile, cinnamon, rose, valerian and yarrow scored the highest kill rates. Specific essential oils blend demonstrated a 99.6% kill rate against airborne bacteria and scored high for its antiviral qualities and anti-fungal qualities.

Cinnamon oil and Oregano oil were all tested by Weber State University, and were shown to kill 100% of the airborne bacteria present when diffused into the atmosphere.

09 January 2009

Essential Oil Disposal

Essential oils are hazardous materials, they highly concentrated and flammable substances. Essential oils should not be disposed of down drains or via other methods that can cause the substances to come into contact with water supplies, vegetation or animals. But it’s ok to place 1-2 drops essential oils to the drain to freshen up the bad drai odors.

Most consumers purchase and store essential oils in small 1/2 ounce bottles and if you have aging essential oils that no longer want to use in skin care or direct diffusion applications, Do I have to Throw Up those Aging Essential Oils? Use It Up!

Disposing of small quantities of essential oils is easy. But if you're in the midst of cleaning out a large inventory of aging oils, proper disposal is even more important.

Your city or neighborhood of course has guidelines for the proper disposal of hazardous fluid ingredients. You can call the vicinity's waste management department for details. The procedure generally involves saturating the essential oil in an inert substance like sand and then sealing the mixture in an approved container.

Supplier you’ve purchased should also have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each essential oil. The MSDS provides specific safety, storage, usage and disposal information for each oil. Ask for the MSDS every time you buy essential oils.

Do I Have To Throw Up Those Aging Essential Oils? Use It Up!

Essential oils will not begin to smell or rancid like vegetable (carrier) oils over time. But, many essential oils essential oils can oxidize, deteriorate, lose their therapeutic properties, and lose the aromatic quality as time passes or if they are not stored properly. It's best to dispose of those essential oil and not try to find a suitable use for it, if it start to smell weekly or different aroma after time.

Essential oils that have aged and no longer possess the fresh and full aroma have are no longer considered therapeutic. Avoid using such oils in any aromatherapy products or application that will come into direct contact with your skin. Old oils should also be avoided in room sprays and diffusion applications where people and pets can directly inhale the volatile components of the oil.

Not all essential oils age poorly over time. Patchouli and sandalwood are two examples of oils that can mature beautifully with age.

There are a few ways that you can still get some value out of that aging oil. So, don’t get rush to throw those essential oils first. You cab use it as :
  • Fabric Softener Additive. Add several drops of a clear essential oil to your commercial fabric softener. Do not use the undiluted essential oils directly to your clothing.
  • Homemade Dryer Sheets.
  • Trash Receptacle Freshener. Add 1-2 drops of essential oil to the bottom of trash liner to help eliminate odors and detract insects and rodents. Use Peppermint to detract rodents.
  • Drain Freshener. Add 1-2 drops of your aging essential oil to a stale drain to help disinfect and eliminate the odor. Do not pour more than 1-2 drops down your drain as essential oils can harm water supplies.

05 January 2009

Motivation for Weight Loss

The key to losing weight is wanting to do it badly enough and finding the motivation to carry it through. You need to ask yourself who you are losing weight for. If your answer is ‘me’, you’ll make easier for you to fight.

Many people who struggle with motivation lose sight of the benefits of losing weight, so start by writing a list of how you would feel if you shifted that extra 2½ stone.

Here's some ideas to get you started :
  • looking better in your jeans
  • not getting out of breath
  • feeling more confident
  • enjoying clothes shopping
  • looking forward to holidays and special occasions
  • having more energy
  • feeling good about yourself
Most people who lose weight say they get far more out of life once they’re slim.

Get Support
Get support as many as you can get. Surrounding yourself with a good support network can help you spur you on. Join Forum or group who has the same motivation as you have, you’ll meet plenty of like-minded people who all want to lose weight. The advantage of this is that you’ll always be able to find someone who has been through a difficult time with weight loss and has come out the other side. This alone can be all that it takes to keep you motivated and on track.

In the meantime, you may also find it helpful to enlist the help and support of friends and family. Do you have a friend you could exercise with? Could your partner also do with eating a more healthy diet? Or could you encourage your work colleagues to do a fruit run rather than a chocolate run every afternoon?

You’ll also find that once the weight starts to come off, the compliments will start to flood in – and this will also help to keep you motivated. Ultimately, providing you really want to lose weight and have plenty of support to help you along the way, you’ll achieve your goal.