09 December 2009

Vitamin D Depress the Risk of Breast Cancer

Latest research indicated that increasing of vitamin D consumption through food and sunlight exposure was related to the declining of breast cancer risk.

According to American Journal of Epidemiology, issued at 20th October 2009, Vitamin D intake can depress estrogen receptor (ER) and progesterone receptor (PR), both of them are cancer hormone receptors.

You can analog the receptor hormone as “ear in breast cell”. It will hear the signal from the hormone. When the signal comes out and order your body, cancer cell will be produced in breast cell and it contains lot of receptor.

Cancer called ER-positive (ER+) if the cancer growth caused by the existence of Estrogen hormone receptor. While, if the growth of cancer caused by progesterone hormone, the cancer will be called PR-positive (PR+).

This research was established by Blackmore KM and partners from Mount Sinai Hospital at Ontario, Canada. The research was held by comparing 758 breast cancer patients and 1,135 participants who don’t suffer from cancer. Researchers found that participants who consume high level of vitamin D intake had 26% declining risk of ER and PR breast cancer and 21% declining of ER or PR tumor.

That study also indicated that vitamin D was related to declining of breast cancer risk without knowing the status is ER or PR tumor.

Vitamin D found in food such as cod liver oil, juice, cereal, and milk. You can also have it through sunlight exposure.

19 November 2009

Orange Juice Can Destroy Your Email

Orange JuiceMay be not only breakfast you consume a glass of orange juice, but also lunch or break time. Especially when the weather is hot, drink cold orange juice will be taste very delightful and fresh.

But, do you know that lime squash or orange juice which is very sour and contain high acid will break your teeth especially the email? An expert from USA said that, sour/acid fruits are able to destroy your email up to 84%. This was confirm back by Dr Yan-Fang Ren from the Eastman Institute for Oral Health, University of Rochester Medical Center New York. He said that acid is the dominant factor in the process of email damage. He found this thing when he had a research to teeth whitening product where about 6% of the material used for those products is hydrogen peroxide .

Brush TeethDr Ren said that most soft drinks and fruit juice contain acid are able to break your teeth, especially if you consume it more than 20 days continuously, this will accelerate your teeth damage.

That’s why, experts suggest you all to often brush teeth so the acid residue that cover the email was gone and removed clearly. Besides, don’t too often consume any foods or drinks that taste too sour and contain high acid.

14 October 2009

10 Habits That Destroyed Your Teeth

You think your teeth are pretty healthy because you never feel hurt or pain when you drink or eat something cold or sweet. But, are you really sure your tooth is healthy? Hm, you doubt it! If your teeth start to become yellow because you love drink coffee or your gums looks thinner, that’s the sign that you have serious problem about your tooth. So, please, get extra attention to these next habits to know does your dental health is really keep well.

1. Brushing Teeth Too Hard
Brushing TeethUsing tooth brush which has strong brush and brushing teeth with high pressure can remove enamel, a tooth protector permanently. This condition stimulates your teeth become too sensitive, make dental cavity, and make gum getting thinner. Better, use soft brush and brush your teeth with circle movement for about 2 minutes, at least twice a day. Tooth brush with slim head can move easily in the small mouth, while longer handle tooth brush more able to reach the molar teeth than the shorter one.

Tooth Paste2. Using The Wrong Tooth Paste
Don’t you just believe to tooth paste that claim contains very useful substance. Some tooth paste, especially the "tartar control" can cause abrasion. Tooth paste which contains scrub and hard substance can scrap your enamel and cause your gum thinner. Fluoride tooth paste is enough and good for you.

Dental Floss3. Do Not Use Dental Floss
Bacteria on the teeth can reproduction become plaque, the main cause of dental cavity and gum disease in 24 hours. Use Dental floss once a day to remove plaque.

Soda Drink4. Too Much Drink Soda
Soda drink, including the diet version contains phosphoric acid, which can scrap your teeth slowly. If you used to consume this drink, you can use straw to minimize direct contact to teeth and don’t forget to brush your teeth after that.

5. Food and Drink Remaining Stain
Food StainTooth enamel is like sponge. Food or drink that remain stain on plate or cup, such as coffee, tea, cola drinks, marinara sauce, or soybean sauce, can also make your teeth turn to be yellow slowly. Ask your doctor to do the laser whitening treatment, bleaching, or Prophy Power, a new procedure where sodium bicarbonate (soft whitening agent) mix with strong sprayed water to remove stain without remove enamel. Tooth paste with whitening agent can also whitening your teeth, but it’s little bit too hard for your enamel.

Eat Snack6. Love To Eat Snack
Every time you eat something, especially sweet food or contain flour, bacteria that live inside your mouth will produce acid to break the food. But, this acid can also attack your teeth and make your teeth damaged. As alternative way, you can consume fruits and crispy vegetable (e.g apple or carrot) as main food or snack. Dentists also consider this food as natural tooth brush because they have effect as detergent to remove plaque. Chewing free sugar bubble gum such as xylitol also help you to prevent dental cavity by increasing the production of saliva. Saliva will remove bacteria caused dental cavity.

Teeth as Tool7. Use Teeth as a Tool or Device
Open potato chip bag which made from aluminum foil or loosing out knot using tooth can make your tooth crack and broken, and also depraved tooth treatment you are going through. Other habit that can damaged your teeth are chewing ice, frozen chocolate, or even hard candy.

Tooth8. Disregard Your Problem About Tooth
Bleeding gums and unpleasant smell of your mouth are one of indication that you have problem with your gums. To solve your problem about unpleasant smell of your mouth, you should drink lot of water to keep your mouth humid, and remove excessive bacteria in your mouth by using tongue scrap (sold in pharmacy and supermarket). To prevent gum bleeding, brush your teeth regularly and don’t forget to use dental floss. Go to the dentist if you’re not going well soon.

Dentist9. Avoiding Dentist
Very suggested to check your dental health twice a year. But, people often ignore this suggestion. In fact, if you had problem with your gum, at least you should control to your dentist every three months.

Lips10. Ignore Your Lips
No matter how good is your teeth condition, your smile will not look bright if you let your lips dry and crockery. Lip skin which thinner than the other skin, lean to loose its moisture and change along with you getting old. Apply lip balm contains moisturizer everyday will be very helpful.

22 July 2009

Broken Heel? Ughhhh...

Foot TreatmentTo minimize dryness on heels, of course you need to treat it gently in the right way. How you do it? You don’t need to go to saloon which spends your lot of money. You just have to do it in your house and pick the effective lotion, then dryness on heels will be cured. Here are the steps :
  1. First of all, wash your feet until clean using soap, then scrub your heel and the dry part/peeled part using pumice or body scrub. Do this step at least 4-5 minutes each foot.
  2. Washing it with water until clean.
  3. High Heels
  4. Submerge your feet in a mixture of 2 sp crystal salt and 1 sp honey in 5 liter lukewarm water for at least 10 minutes.
  5. The next step is merge your feet in a cold water and 10 drops of lime extract and a glass of tea. Allow your feet to be comfortable for 5 minutes.
  6. Foot TreatmentDry and wipe your feet softly using thick and soft towel until dry.
  7. Last step is massage your feet softly using hand body lotion contain high moisturizer from soybean extract.
Don’t forget to do this treatment twice a week to get maximal result.

19 July 2009

17 July 2009

19 Health Benefits of Sweet Honey

1. Hair Fall
Recipe for people who suffer from hair fall or baldness : mixture of hot olive oil, 1 sp honey and 1 tsp cinnamon powder before bath. Apply it on the head and allow it for about 15 minutes then rinse it. Research also showed if you allow it only for 5 minutes, the mixture is still effective.

2. Urinary Tract Infection
Mix 2 sp cinnamon powder and 1 tsp honey into lukewarm water and then drink it. This mixture will kill all the germs in urinary tract.

3. Toothache
Make mixture of 1 tsp cinnamon powder and 5 tsp honey.

4. Cholesterol
Cholesterol level can be reduced by consume this concoction : 2 sp honey and 3 tsp cinnamon powder mix with 16 ounce (about 1 pound = 454 gram) liquid tea. This concoction can reduce the cholesterol level until 10 % in 2 hours. Pure honey which consumed daily can reduce the cholesterol symptoms.

5. Cold
Heavy and light cold can be cured consume 1 sp warm honey and ¼ tsp cinnamon powder everyday for 3 days. This mixture can treat almosr all kind of cough and chronic cold and also treat your sinusitis.

6. Barren
Greek medication and Ayurveda has been used honey for year to strengthen man’s sperm. Consume two spoon of honey regularly before sleep can effect your fertility. Japanese, Chinese and East Asia woman who are difficult to pregnant and want to strengthen their uterus have been consume cinnamon powder commonly since centuries ago.

Woman who is difficult to pregnant should often apply honey and cinnamon powder on her gums. If you apply it, cinnamon will be united with saliva and entering your body. There’s a wife and husband couple from Maryland who don’t have descendents for 14 years and almost desperate. When they know the peculiar property of cinnamon and honey, they consume it. The wife get pregnant and giving birth twin babies.

7. Stomachache
Honey mix with cinnamon powder can treat stomachache. This mixture also can clean up your digestion, also cure boil.

8. Flatulence
Research in India and Japan declared that honey which consume with cinnamon can reduce gas in your stomach and intestines (flatulence).

9. The Smell of Your Breath
1 tsp of honey and cinnamon powder dissolve in hot water can keep your breath fresh all day. South American people usually drink this mixture in the morning.

10. Headache Caused By Sinusitis
Drink mixture of honey and orange juice can cure your headache caused by sinusitis.

11. Exhausted
Last study showed that sugar content in honey is very useful for your body. Geriatric who consume honey and cinnamon powder with the same portion, has been proved make them more fresh, fit and flexible. Dr. Milton’s research proved that ½ sp of honey which drink with a glass of water sowed with cinnamon powder can increase your vitality in a week. You should consume this mixture everyday after brush teeth and consume at 3 pm when your energy level is down.

12. Cancer
Last research in Japan and Australia Showed that stomach and bone cancer can be cured by cinnamon and honey. Patients only need to drink 1 sp honey and 1 tsp cinnamon powder for a month 3 times a day.

13. Over Weight
Drink a glass of water which been add and boiled with honey and cinnamon powder every morning ½ hour before breakfast or when your stomach still empty. If you consume it regularly you can reduce your weight, even for people who had severe obesity. Drink this mixture regularly to prevent fat accumulation in your body, even you still eat high calorie food.

14. Influenza
Spanish researchers has been proved that honey contains natural ingredients which can kill bacteria and germ causing influenza and cure patients who suffer from severe influenza. So, you should drink honey when you get flu.

15. Acne
Apply spread 3 sp honey and 1 tsp cinnamon powder on your face before sleep. Rinse your face in the next day with warm water. If you do it regularly every day for about 2 weeks, your acne will be gone.

16. Skin infection
Take 1 part of honey and 1 part of cinnamon powder, apply it on your skin which feel hurt and infected.

17. Anti-aging
Tea which been mix with honey and cinnamon powder and drink everyday can prevent you from aging. Take 4 sp honey, 1 sp cinnamon powder and 3 cup of water then coiled it like you make tea. Drink it 4 times a day. This mixture will make your skin keep fresh and soft and also prevent you from early aging.

18. Arthritis
Take 1 part of honey and 2 parts of lukewarm water. Add 1 tsp cinnamon powder. Mix it all. Massage this mixture the part of the body which you feel hurt. The feel of pain will be reduce in 1-2 minutes. For arthritis patient can drink a cup of hot water added with 2 sp honey and 1 tsp cinnamon powder every morning and every night.

If you drink this mixture regularly, this mixture can cure chronic arthritis. Last research from Copenhagen University use mixture of 1 sp honey and ½ tsp cinnamon powder which given to the patient before breakfast. The result is in a week 73 from 200 patients has been totally cured. Most of the patients who can not move or walk can able to move and walk again without feeling any pain.

19. Heart Disease
Consume honey and cinnamon powder when you breakfast every morning. Cinnamon and honey can reduce your cholesterol level inside blood vessel, and reduce the risk of heart attack. People who ever have heart attack possible to be stayed away from the second heart attach if they consume honey and cinnamon regularly.

13 July 2009

Don’t Delay Having Children

Women shouldn’t delay to have child until end of thirty or forty because it’s involve trouble and health risk, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) warn.

That college said delaying have a child will “push” women to have child in their “most fertile moment”, generally between 20 to 35 years old.

There is also "urge requirement" for women to make more realize about potential problems, so they not feel regret delay to become a mother, RCOG warn.

Louise Silverton, secretary of deputy general of Royal College of Midwives, said : “pregnancy complication is mostly happened in elder women; they have induction level and higher caesar birth, which cause big risk to mother or the baby."

Even so, we support all women decide when she want to start pregnant."

“Many women feel they have to delay her pregnancy until her financial condition is stable and possible to add other member of the family."

“The point is they have to listen the information about the risk of giving birth in overdue age."

About 19% of pregnant woman now are in 40 age. In 2008, there are 26,419 babies was born from 40 years old (even more) women.

Research Showed that fertility has been descend significantly after 35, and more descend after 40, while chance of miscarriage also increase.

Using fertility treatment in that ages also not guarantee will be successful. Birth rate after IVF treatment for women under 35 is 31%. 40 years old women also have higher risk to get complication, such as diabetic and pre-eclampsia, a deadly syndrome where blood pressure become so high during pregnancy.

The reason to delay become a mother is very complex and involve pretension to have a stable relationship with spouse who support her and also long with her carrier.

"Women must supported, rather than push, there are options in her life," the organization warn.

Melanie Davies, from University College London, one a scientist, said: "If you don’t have all the information, you can make a decision without enough knowledge, which can be ended in regret."

She also add: "All medical information said that better have a child before 35 than after that age."

Mary Newburn, from National Childbirth Trust (NCT), said: "There are so many reasons for women to delay having child; this includes desirable to build carrier or to reach independence financial condition."

"Now we need to see how to make woman to stop having an early carrier and make her possible to have child in younger age."

03 July 2009

Uncover The Secret of Diet Myth

About 55% of American citizen are overweight or obesity now. This number is increase significantly compare with data in 1980’s only 33% of American citizen are overweight. Another worried statistic is child obesity reach until 100% in 2009 from the beginning 1980’s and last 1990’s.

So, why this facts are scary? Are the more we age increase the heavier our weight? That’s true, but many of use miss perception about how to keep healthy, especially when the time is come for diet. This next article will explain whether the myth is right or wrong.

Physical exercise 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes will make your weight go down
Wrong. Little exercise is better than no exercise at all. I don’t say exercise is useless, but exercise can burn calorie and really can reduce or keep your weight. Although exercise moderately can make your body healthy but to losing weight is depends how and what is the exercise.

For example : If you about 3 mil/hour and take 30 minutes, 4 times a week, then you’ll walk totally 6 mil/week. If each mil you burn 600 calories, than during that whole week you burn 600 calories. That 600 calories only reduce your weight about a quarter pound, and that still depends how you keep your diet. If you eat little bit more, then of course your weight is not going down.
If you want exercise as your first and main strategy to losing weight, you need to do more exercise now. The best way is combine exercise with low calorie diet.

Walking is the best way to reduce weight
Right. Just like other physical activity, walking can burn calorie and help you to reduce weight. It’s good if you walking fast, not slow walk. The longer you walk the more you burn calorie.
Do about 10,000 steps a day (about 5 mil). If each mil burn about 100 calories, then you’ll burn more than 500 a day. Do it everyday and you’ll burn more than 3,500 calories or 1 pound a week.

Additional Protein will stimulate muscle growth
Wrong. Protein do had important role for our body—build and manage muscles, hormone and enzymes synthesis and consolidate immune cell. But, excessive amount will be accumulates as fat, same like carbohydrate.

Basic Rule: How many calorie, if you consume it in excessive amount will be kept as fat. The best way to build muscle is having an intensive exercise and consume more calorie from protein.

I can eat egg without afraid being fat
Right. Egg is good for you. Research showed many people who diet had high risk to get liver disease, it because of the saturated fat and egg contain low saturated fat. Egg also contain low calorie (about 75 calories for boiled egg and 110 calories for fried egg). Egg also contains essential nutrients and antioxidant.

American Heart Association recommends one egg each day is good and enough. For the rest of the day, you should change egg and bacon with fruits and bread and always use non cholesterol or low margarine to cook egg.

Diet pills is the best way to losing weight
Wrong. Safe diet pills or diet drugs is drug which been prove by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for people who had significant overweight—them who had 30% excess of weight from normal weight or them who had disease because of obesity such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol level or diabetic.

Obesity drugs such as Meridia (works on brain to control appetizer), and Xenical (inhibits fat to be absorbed) only permitted to use to change diet and life style.
Obesity is chronic disease and can not be changed in short therapy.

Vitamin supplement needed to reduce weight
Wrong. Supplement can not make miracle, and con not neutralize the effect of fat heap. Don’t depend on supplement as a short cut to full fill your nutrients. You can get the same amount of vitamin by consume fruits and vegetables (which also contain fiber, antioxidant and other nutrients which you can’t get from supplement pill).

However, if you eat less than 1,500 calories a day, you need to consume additional multivitamin-mineral supplement.

I can eat fat food when I’m on diet
Right. If this your favorite food even it contain fat in it, you still can consume it. You don’t have to denied your self. Eat it but in control portion, don’t eat excessively, if you afraid you can count calorie in a portion food you eat, than balanced it.

Now, you know the myth and the fact, How you’re going to do to change your diet?

Adopt a better life style
First, take out all junk food in your place and change it with better snack, more healthy and had more nutrients, like fruits, vegetables and beans.

Then make sure to increase your activity everyday. For example, you can park your car at the end of the road and you walking farther than usual or you can use stair to go to the second floor rather than use escalator. This few thing will burn your calories more.

Stop smoking, gambling, drink alcohol, and other habit that make you addicted. Then start to make list and menu for a week and obey it. And always your portion you’re your favorite menu, like beef meat and pasta, don’t ever had excessive portion.

And last, drink more water every day. This help you to ménage your metabolism and consolidate your immune system. When you drink more water, you can reduce a bit of your hunger.

01 July 2009

5 Weeks Online Program Can Help People Who Had Insomnia Get Better Sleep At Night

People Who Had Insomnia Get Better Sleep At NightAlmost 1 of 10 person had insomnia, Dr. Norah Vincent and Samantha Lewycky from University of Manitoba at Winnipeg said on journal : Sleep, mean while, effective treatment available, most people don’t look after it.

They make an online program to cope with insomnia with proofed scientific phenomenological, include information about sleep healthiness and relaxation therapy, and randomly, 118 people who had chronic insomnia register to this program or in waiting list to endure as controlled group.

Over all, third of the subjects dropped out before the research finished. Half of them designated by doctor to dropped out, 18 % of them responded newspaper advertising and apply to be volunteer. "Very likely those people who had high pre-treatment motivation level feel more comfortable with technology, and/or had different expectation about appropriate treatment with their sleep disorders," said Vincent and Lewycky.

People Who Had Insomnia Get Better Sleep At NightFrom 40 people who finished the program, 35 % said that symptoms they had "many or very changes," 46 % said they had "few changes," 16 % said their symptoms don’t change at all, and one person judge bad.

With comparison, in controlled group, 61 % reported had no changes and 30 % said they feel little change, while one person reported had much better change and one other person said very bad result.

While there is no one in group who finished the treatment got normal sleep in the early research, about a quarter from them who finished the treatment; 40 % experience some changes, 10 % had very good experience for the rime they spend for sleep, and 30 % got additional sleeping time.

They conclude that online treatment perhaps can be an effective treatment for people who had chronic insomnia, and research in the future should investigate who gona get the advantage.

30 June 2009

You Diet Will Never Had Great Result If You Doing MISTAKES!!!

Most people dieting to have slim body or to get out from stressed condition called overweight. But, what will happen if you already followed dreadful diet but still no positive outcome? Definitely, you’ll be disappointed. But, before you blame the diet method, better you observe does the diet you are going through is right? Because, according to experts, diet which not shown good result immediately is not because the method is wrong, but more because the wrong diet application.

Some mistakes happen when dieting :

1. Eat Too Fast.
There is no benefit eating too fast, except if you following the fastest eat competition. In fact, eating too rush will make your stomach hard to feel full. That’s why, although you’re in rush cashing time, you should eat calmly and relax. Enjoy each of the chew, and feel the delicacy. By eating slowly, you’ll feel full before your eating more food.

2. No Breakfast
Diet can be done by restrict calorie intake into your body. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t have breakfast to prevent obesity. New research showed that people who don’t have breakfast, often have more weight than people who had breakfast every morning. It because eating habits less than 3 times a day, precisely caused man take more calorie between the main meal time. That’s why you should keep your schedule by eating 3 times a day. Always start your day consume healthy breakfast and watch the menu. Breakfast menu should content lot of protein and fiber, not too much carbohydrate.

3. Consume Lot of Energy and Calorie Drink
Said who fat only caused by food? Too much drink, especially contained high calories, such as Smoothy, sweet coffee, sweet juice, tea, and Soda also make you have gain weight. That’s why although you dreadfully diet by limited your food intake, but you still consume energy and calorie drink, still your weight will hard to reduce. A research showed that 21% of calorie intake in obesity people in came from the drinks. Change your habits! Change your drink! Drink water, Skimmed milk, Diet Soda, vegetable juice and small portion of free sugar fruit juice.

4. Don’t Know the Normal Portion
For them who usually eat outside your home, often don’t realized that the portion size of the restaurant or café they eat is excessive. That’s why, although you eliminate your meal time, still you feel so hard to losing weight. To avoid it, nutritionists gave these next suggestions:
a) Use smaller plate or bowl, so your portion meal less too.
b) If necessary, don’t ate up the whole meal on the plate.
c) Periodically, count your meal calorie, is it suitable with your needs or excessive.

5. Still Snacking
Diet with restrict your main meal, is worthless if you still love snacking and you often doing it while you watching TV or reading a book. Snacking make we consume more calories without thinking first so unrealized the calorie intake is excessive. To make you control the passion of snacking, watch this calorie in your favorite snacks;
a) 1 ons fried potato = 88 calories.
b) 1.5 piece doughnut = 100 calories.
c) 3 pieces Oreo Cookies = 160 calories.
d) 15 chips crispy Tortilla = 142 calories.
e) 20 chips crispy potato = 162 calories.

Imagine if you consume a pack potato chips (more than 20 chips) or a pack (more than 3 pieces),your calorie intake must be multiple. To make your diet success, there is no way other than stop snacking or change your snack with my favorite snack : a glass of water, or chew no sugar candy. If you still want to snack, eat in small portion. The secret key is self control not to snack excessively.

The mistake often happens when you diet is you’re had to much thinking that you’re dieting now. Actually, thinking about diet precisely make you obsessed with food and you’ll be more and more want to snack. That’s why shift away your though from what are you doing right now. If you’re dieting, just have a certain attitude, and get through the process without load. The more you think about it, you’ll feel diet as a heavy load and break your firmness in strong effort to losing weight.

26 June 2009

1000 to 1200 Calorie Diet

Breakfast 200 calories :
  • 1 piece of wheat bread, with no butter
  • 1 boiled egg (takes the albume only) with lettuce, tomato and cucumber
  • add chili sauge if you like
  • water

Daylight Snack :
  • 1 apple

Lunch 350 – 400 calories :
  • ¾ bowl of cooked brown rice
  • 1 piece pf steamed Tuna
  • 1 bowl of cabbage and carrot soup or you can change it with salad

Evening Snack :
  • 1 melon
Dinner (do it before 7 pm) 250 calories :
  • Medium size of steamed potato
  • 1 bowl of red bean soup
  • Roeasted soybean curd or tofu

Siatsu – The Benefits Is More Than Just A Massage

Siatsu is one of exercise which improved in Japan while taking the ancient principal of Chinese medicine. The exercise have purpose to decrease blood pressure and celebrate recovery by press and crumple the body on certain points, so energy can be transferred through canal, called meridians. Siatsu was found thousand years ago by Chinese master. You may think Siatsu as acupuncture, but siatsu doesn’t use needle but finger press.

Marianne Turner Fuenmayor, a siatsu trainer recommends you to exercise with siatsu by yourself or with friends.

1. Playing the Palace.
Put your left hand in your right hand so your right four fingers under the palm of your left hand and the right thumb above the left palm. Slowly press your right thumb to the center of the palm (it called palace of anxiety).

If you let your right hand to be relax, your thumb can reach the deepest pal of your hand. Press it until five seconds, then slowly release it while counting to five, repeat again twice. Switch your hand, and do the same movement. Fuenmayor suggests to do this once in the morning and once in the night. But if you’re under stress condition, you can do it more often.

2. In the neck of time.
Hold both tip of the scarf, softly and light (at least 24 inch length) and placed it under your neck. Raise both of your hands up. Then let your head slowly fall down to the back of the scarf. Then, slowly move your head to the left and to the right for 10-15 seconds. After that, lift it up again, wait until count five, and repeat again that process. “You put a light weight on the Pillars of Heaven,” said Fuenmayor, “and it free the pressure on your back neck.”

3. Sole searching.
Sit with the legs crossed on the floor with of leg on your lap. Place four fingers each of your hand under the foot, one hand rest on the other hand and both of the thumbs on your ankle. “Give light press on this point, the Gushing Spring, because it can rear your adrenalin and suppress anxiousness,” said Fuenmayor.

4. Take a meeting.
Point on area between thumb and middle finger, which called the meeting mountains, can help you remove your headache. Start with your left palm. Place your four right fingers under your left palm while your right thumb above the left palm.

Massage it slowly, then make circle movement with your thumb through the whole area around it for 5-10 seconds. Wait until count five, then do it once again. After that, switch it with the other hand.

5. Lean on me.
Exercise for two people: one person as the accepter, sit on a chair, while other person, the giver stand behind the accepter. The giver places his hands on the accepter’s shoulders, at the base neck, and then press it slowly. He count until five and release it on five, do it twice, each time farther. Then, change the role. Some people say they doing mediation for two.
This what people like from siatsu, no scientist, no doctor, only two men switching each other, helping each other to treat other person.

08 June 2009

All About Malignant Cancer

Breast Cancer is a malignant tumor which growth under breast tissue. The cancer starts to grow in the mammary gland or fat tissue.

At the height of women awareness to do regular examination for their breast, the mortality level can be reduced, especially for patient under 30 years old. But, if the cancer has been exist in your body longer, you should go through a serial test and examination.

Breast cancer has been experience a fast blooming from early stadium until dreadful stadium, but you don’t have to be panic because of technology medicine advancement, there is still possibility to survive from this disease.

Here are some details about stadium and terminology of breast cancer medical treatment :

# Stadium 1
In this stadium, the cancer lump is not more than 2 cm and can not be detected from outside. A systematic treatment will be given to that cancer in this stadium, the purpose is to make the cancer cell doesn’t spread and not continuous to the next level. In this stadium, possibility to recover is 70%.

# Stadium 2
The possibility to recover in this stadium is 30 - 40 %, depends on the area or scope of cancer cell spreading. Usually, the width of the lump has been more than 2 cm, in fact, it can reach until 5 cm and the spread level has been reach to armpit area. Or the size of the cancer has been reach 5 cm but still not spread yet. Usually, doctor will do some operation to take up cancer cell at all spreading are, and after surgery doctor will do some illumination or radiation to make sure there is no other cancer cell left.

# Stadium 3A
87% breast cancer was diagnosed in this stadium. The lump has been more than 5 and has been spread until spleen gland.

# Stadium 3B
Cancer has been spread through all part of the breast, even through the skin, ribs and breast muscle. Besides, the spread also attack the spleen gland savagely. If that so, there is no other alternative ways than breast removal.

# Stadium 4
Cancer cell has been creep spread to other part of the body, bone, lungs, liver or brain. It can also attack skin, and spleen gland in the neck. Same like stadium 3, the action doctor should do is breast removal.

Here are some terminology of medical action doctor will do to stop the growth of cancer cell :

- Lumpectomy
The common word is lump removal. Usually, this removal also include little part of healthy tissue. In this way, the healthy remain tissue is expected to reform the breast naturally.

- Radical Mastectomy
Radical Mastectomy is part or whole breast removal include the breast muscle under the breast to prevent spreading of the cancer cell getting wider. Now, this method is rarely done in medicine technology.

- Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy is a therapy given as certain drugs which have very strong effect (anticancer). This therapy is given orally or intravenous (injection). This treatment is given regularly with 3 to 6 months cycle.

- Hormonal therapy
Hormone is working as inhibitor of cancer cell growth.

- Radiation Therapy
This treatment usually give coincide with lumpectomy or mastectomy. The function of this therapy is to destroy cancer cell to prevent the spreading of cancer cell to other part of the body.

Breast cancer verdict is not the end of life, doctor is a human who can say anything. But, still God determines everything, including human life. So, don’t be desperate, whatever your condition is, you still have a hope!