15 December 2008

Though several people try to control hunger, they find it very difficult to do so. The first towards controlling hunger is to balance the meals throughout the day. Rather than eating three big meals a day, it can spread out in smaller meals over the day. This will also help conserve energy in the body, and there will be no need to feel hungry any time of the day.

1. Don’t miss breakfast!
Miss your breakfast will be the biggest mistake. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as the body goes without food for a long time while sleeping. A very nutritious breakfast, and also one that is large in quantity, will help control hunger. This will also help maintain sugar levels, as a drop in the level causes hunger.
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2. Get a balanced diet
A balancing diet is very important to control your weight. There are many people avoid vegetables and fruits coz they don’t like them. The truth is fruits and vegetables are healthiest nutrient, and also rich in fiber. Greens are the best vegetables, and they do not play any role in weight gain. Too much of carbohydrates must also be avoided. There should be more of whole grain consumption, and this will mean fewer calories too.

3. Chew and slow
While eating a meal, it must be relished and eaten slowly. Eating too fast may result in feeling that the body has not consumed enough food, and this will make the individual want to eat more. Eating slowly will also help control the accumulation of fat.

4. Enough sleep
Not enough sleep can make you feel hungry, and also this will make the body crave for more food. Thus a good amount of sleep, say about seven to eight hours should be kept aside every day.

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5. Drink lot of water
The amount of water consumed every day will also play an important role in controlling hunger. You can get water from fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon, oranger, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.

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This can be consumed, instead of taking in too many calories. Not only does this control hunger, this is also a very healthy and wholesome meal. Sometimes the need for water in the body will be mistaken as hunger. Whenever this happens to anyone either one can drink water or eat a simple salad containing good vegetables.

Most of the time low levels of energy because of eating at the wrong time or skipping meals will be the cause of hunger. Thus a good schedule can be maintained that can be followed every day, and this will go a long way.


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