11 December 2008

You’ve hard exercised, tight dieted, still no matter what you do you still can’t lose weight. The reasons for having so much difficulty losing weight usually vary from person to person. Just like the same way of eating might not work as well for some people as it does for others, the problems associated with weight loss are bound to be different for many different people.

Have you if you Identified The Reason Why My weight loss Efforts fail?
If you’ve been following a diet plan and still can’t lose weight :
  1. You need to look very carefully at the diet and see if it’s really one that can work.
  2. You’ll need to look at things like how many calories you eat a day on the plan, and whether your diet seems to be heavier in things like fat or dairy products, or whether it leans the other way and focuses mostly on fruits and vegetables.
The Diet Calorie
If the amount of calories you’re eating every enough to keep you healthy but low enough to let you burn fat, yet you can’t lose weight while eating this way, it’s likely that the type of diet just doesn’t suit your metabolism. If the diet is calorie-focused and allows things like white bread, flour, potatoes, pasta and sugar, trying cutting down on those items. Maybe the diet is too high in carbohydrates for you and that’s sabotaging your efforts.

The Protein, Fats and Snack
If your diet already low carb and you still can’t lose weight on it, there must be others than just carbohydrate. Are you eating lots of red meat, fried foods, oil and other fats like butter? All that fat adds up to hundreds of calories, and no matter how few carbs you eat, a calorie is still a calorie. It can be very easy to eat too many calories per day if you’re eating fatty meats, nuts or if you have lots of oil in your diet.

The Metabolism
If your diet really seems healthy, with lean meats, lots of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, some diary and little sugar or flour and you still can’t lose weight, then you could be eating too few calories and causing your metabolism to slow.

Are you eating much more food than you think you are. Do you take snack throughout the day? Can’t remember it? Try keeping a journal and writing down everything you eat each day, including what you drink that has calories in it like soda or coffee with cream. If you can’t lose weight because you’re eating more than you think, a week or so of logging the details of your diet should start to show you where those extra calories are sneaking in.


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