06 December 2008

Possibly. Because leptin is a protein, it must be injected into the body and cannot be taken orally as a pill or capsule. Leptin can't be taken orally because your stomach will break it down. You can't just take a leptin pill and hope that your weight problems will be solved forever. For leptin to be effective, you need to inject it. Every day. For life. This is very inconvenient and very expensive.

So, don’t get wrong if some have referred to leptin as an "anti-obesity hormone" that totally wrong. It's more accurate to label it as an "anti-starvation" hormone that tells your brain what to do when energy is in short supply.

The exact mechanism of leptin's action on energy and appetite regulation has yet to be determined. Although the latest results are promising, more studies are needed before researchers completely understand leptin's role in weight loss for the general population.

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An easier and cheaper solution is to follow a diet that involves cycling your calorie and carbohydrate intake over the course of a week. A day or two of controlled overfeeding will raise leptin levels and can help you avoid some of the metabolic adaptations inherent with any type of restricted-calorie diet.

Some people appear to have a decreased sensitivity to leptin, and do not lose weight when treated with leptin injections. In addition, the amount of leptin produced in the body varies significantly from one person to the other, even when amount of body fat is similar. Individual differences in leptin production or resistance may be at least part of the reason why some people have a more difficult time losing weight and maintaining that weight loss. There currently are only a few descriptions of leptin gene mutation in humans, so leptin therapy is not a panacea for weight control for the majority of overweight people.

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