03 December 2008

There are so many diet program offers a slim healthy body. But, be careful when you choose the appropriate diet program, because you’ll lose your dreaming slim body if you pick the wrong diet program.

Restrictive consumption of one kind or one group of food such as only consume fruits and vegetables is not healthy. Your body lack for other essential substance, protein, carbohydrate, and others.

Consuming Fruits
One of the safe diet programs is consuming fresh fruits and vegetable. This program is much better coz fruits and vegetable contain lots of fibre which necessary for diet and body. Consuming fruits and vegetables in large amount can avoid you from heart disease and cancer.

Here are top ten most useful fruits for health and their nutrition :

1. Apple
Apple contains lots of carbohydrate, very useful for people who still in growth phase. Apple also rich pectin (kind like fibre). Apple contains flavonol (quercetin) as anticancer in many studies. Quercetin also contain antiinflammation, helpful for arthritis. There is Vitamin C too but not as much as orange.

2. Strawberry
Strawberry contains ellagic acid as antioxidant. In many studies, ellagic acid show inhibits lungs cancer, esophagus cancer, breast cancer, cervix cancer and tounge cancer. As traditional medicine, strawberry believe has antibacterial and can be used as cleanser in digestion. Strawberry contains lots of vitamin C.

3. Banana
Banana is the source of vitamin B6 which necessary to make serotonin in brain. Serotonin is useful to reduce feel pain, appetite suppressant, and make you feel relax and reduce tension. A traditional medicine, banana is used to cure stomach abscess. Doesn’t like other fruits, banana contain lots of carbohydrate, little in carotene and vitamin, but rich in potassium.

4. Melon
Melon contains high sugar and lycopene which use as anticancer. Red and orange Melon also contain carotenoid which protect body cell against free radical and also can be change to vitamin A. Melon is the carotenoid source and vitamin C.

5. Orange
Orange contains phytochemical called hesperidin very useful as antioxidant. Orange also rich in pection thich useful for reduce blood pressure. Orange is categorized as low fiber fruit but very rich in vitamin C and folic.

6. Mango
Mango contains carotenoid called beta-crytoxanthin, an antioxidant which protects you from several cancers such as intestine cancer, and bone cancer. Mango categorized as rich carotenoid, fibre, and vitamin C fruit.

7. Kiwi
Kiwi contains pigment called chlorophyll which make the fruit looks green. Kiwi can be changed to a substance with bind up- cancer ability. One Kiwi can provide vitamin C for an adult man.

8. Peach
Peach contains phytochemical called ferulic acid, an anticancer substance. A Study showed that consuming lot of acid can help to reduce intestine cancer risk. Plum very rich in fibre and potassium.

9. Grape
Grape skin contains phytochemical called resveratrol proved increasing heart health, anticancer, antibacterial, and contains antioxidant. Grape has low fibre and low vitamin C.

10. Pineapple
Pineapple contains bromelain enzyme which has ability y to reduce protein. Pineapple is often used as meat softener, help to digest, scatter blood clot, prevent sinusitis, and urinary infection. Pineapple is vitamin C and fiber source also contains high level of sugar.

I recommended you to combine all those fruit for your diet, don’t take only one or three of them. Believe me this is a great diet to support your health.


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