01 December 2008

Food portion sizes have increased both inside and outside the home of all Americans for all categories according to a Journal of the Medical Association,. The most astonishing result of the food portion sizes is that the large portion sizes are food consumed at home.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention nearly 35% of the world population is overweight. Most people are consuming too much food as they are not aware of their food portion size. According to a dietician, people mostly used to eating out in restaurants which does not have any fixed food portion size. They often get a distorted view as they are not likely to make a distinction between restaurant sizes and real sizes when they are going back home and checking on their diet. But the most important thing according to some nutrition experts is that one individual should be able to eyeball food portion sizes and know how much they actually consuming. The key to healthy life is also to relate portion sizes to every day objects. The ‘more is better’ mentality at fast food restaurants is also harmful for a healthy living. It tempts one to buy larger-sized portions which often end up burning not only one’s pockets but also ruining one’s waistlines or health.

Don’t worry, there are ways to maintain food portion sizes for a healthy life.
  1. Be aware of unconscious consumption of food.
  2. Don’t consume more while watching television or talking over the phone.
  3. Use smaller plates as then one won’t be tempted to fill up all the space left in the larger plates with extra food that you actually don’t need.
  4. Try to serve your own food by yourself. In this way you can clear about serving what you actually needs and then cutting everything in half and saving the excess for the lunch or dinner next day.
  5. Kill the plate after finishing with your food. This means you should put the napkin or pour the salt on the leftover food so that you’re not tempted in having what is left over on the plate.
These are the ways to avoid distortion and to slim down portions at home thus being able to stay healthy. Many of us tend to underestimate the amount of food we eat and that often lends to ruining of health. One can easily estimate their food portions by the different charts available in the market. To sum up the whole process of staying a healthy weight it is necessary for us to keep up with out food portion sizes.


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