13 December 2008

There’s so many factors influence someone weight loss. Not just only cut portion size, and not just a diet, but the most important thing is, are you really ready to do it? It will be better if you know how much your readiness before doing the efforts for losing weight. Then, you’ll realize what challenge your gona face.

Life style and behaviour have become the most influence thing in obstacle most people desire for losing weight. May be, you have already start with a good motivation and reason, but you may not realize that there are other factors just challenge your effort. Such as, non-realistic weight loss target, no support from your neighborhood or family, you’re too busy so you can’t exercise. All this can be categorized you not ready yet.

Want to be ready for weight loss, follow this steps!

Step 1 : Make a Realistic Target!
The closer your gols with your weight right now is more realistic and you have a big chance to make it real. 10% lose your weight is still realistic to do. If your target more than that, it’ll be hard to do and make you give up first. Once you’ve been success losing 10% of your weight, you’ll be pushed to make new target, more and more. Losing weight 1-1.5kg/week is a great target.

Step 2 : Just Forget the “Magic Pills”
Fixed in enchantment with “magic pills” or perfect idea about how to lose weight, can easily make you get a yoyo diet syndrome. This diet make you think “if only I could try once again” or “ if only I more discipline”, so your wish to become slim will come true soon. As long as you still temptated by an unclear diet method, you’ll be forget that you need is a practice and strategy to control your food pattern, not a miracle.

Step 3 : "Thanx God” I wrong...
Don’t get sink deeply through your fail in the past. Use your fail as a lesson. Reflect it, learn it, and don’t make the same mistake again. Try to make a list : activity to do and activity you may get bored. Better if you concentrate to activity you can do. For example, I rather wake up 5 am to make healthy breakfast and lunch that go the gym. Or wake up erlier for jogging through more challenge route.

Step 4 : Be spoiled with your self
Don’t wait until you become super slim to spoiled your self. Treat yourself kindly will be very useful to increase your appreciation to yourself. You chance to losing weight become bigger with a big confidence inside you. If you can treat your self kindly, you’ll be feel pleasant doing healthy life, such as exercise or eat more healthy food.

Step 5 : Contend your barrier with exercise
Regulated exercise is an important elements which decide whether your weight loss program is success or not. Unfortunately, there are still many women not doing it. The reason why those women not exercise is time. All of those women said that their concern not getting support or the feeling of uncomfortable during the exercise is wasting time. Many of them feel guilty, coz they’ve stolen time with family or other activity for doing exercise. One of the solution to content this problem is think that with a regular exercise, physically and mentally you’ll be healthier than you expected. With this condition, there’re so many thing you can do as a mother, friends and employee.

Step 6 : Get compromise with challenges
You’ll be hard to concentrate to your effort for losing weight if you burdened with so many worry, such as your financial conditional , your work in office, or you have a problem with your sweetheart. That’s why, before you decide a plan to losing weight, consider first what things will interfere your effort, So you can control the energy and time for other thing that more worth it. Than, deal with your self. If necessary, find a professional help (such as, psychologist or financial consultant). Or Change you life style. During that time make sure you’re not eat if you get problems or challenges.

Step 7 : Responsible with yourself
Usually you’ll be more success to losing weight if you feel responsible with your self. If you realize that your weight is a your responsibility and only you who can control it, your readiness will be higher.

Step 8 : Think health, not thin
Lower your weight only 10% can lowering the risk of obesity, heart problem, cancer, and arthritis. Losing weight also can rising up your immune system. That’s why, Get concentrate your attention to your weight loss target rather than think about how to eat, how to exercise or how do I look.

What you do to control your weight has to be the same way how you optimalize your health treatment. If you eat with the right pattern and active physically consistently for the rest of your life, your body will ‘straighten up by it self’. Remember, what you eat every day reflect your eat pattern in a long term. So, are you ready to live healthy?


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