12 December 2008

Side Effect and Risk of Clenbuterol
The risk there is that clenbuterol is also taken up by other tissues in the body. And there are detrimental effects that have been well documented in a number of animal species, including heart failure. There are a number of papers that have shown you can get myocyte cell death or apoptosis in the muscles. In the heart, cell death is not a good thing. Plus, there are other toxicities that can occur.

Clenbuterol has resulted in several outbreaks of acute illness in Spain, France, Italy, China, and Portugal 0.5-3 hours after individuals ingested liver and meat containing clenbuterol residues. The symptoms, which included increased heart rate, nervousness, headache, muscular tremor, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fever, and chills, typically resolved within 2 to 6 days.

There have also been reports of clenbuterol-tainted heroin and cocaine. Although no deaths were attributed to the clenbuterol exposures, the individuals were hospitalized for up to several days due to clenbuterol intoxication.

Acutely, it's a stimulant. You can have a tremendous increase in heart rate, sweating, the shakes, general neurologic and acute cardiovascular effects. There can be a dangerous increase in blood pressure. So, there are dangerous acute effects, and chronic effects when the drug is taken up by the cells, leading to cellular changes that cause cell death.

Muscular Cramping
Cramping whilst using Clenbuterol is a fairly common side effect. This is most probably due to depletion of the amino acid taurine in the liver together with deficits in the electrolytes sodium and potassium, as well as inadequate hydration. Taurine helps stabilize cell membranes and prevent nerves from becoming over-excited. Some studies show that giving taurine supplements relieves painful muscle cramps. Japanese researchers found that the longer rats exercised, the more taurine they lost from their muscles (Matsuzaki et al, 2002).

Symptoms of cramping may be alleviated by :
Eating fruit particularly bananas
Ensuring adequate hydration
Taurine supplementation - 3-5g daily
Potassium supplementation - 200-400mg daily taken before bed on an empty stomach

Usually if someone takes an overdose of this drug, they are going to be very uncomfortable. But as long as someone is relatively healthy, it's not really going to hurt them. However, you may be at risk for cardiac dysrhythmia. It can drop your blood pressure to a dangerously low level. It can definitely cause severe nausea and vomiting.

Dosage Form of Clenbuterol
Clenbuterol is readily available on the Internet as tablets, syrup, and an injectable formulation. The drug is purportedly obtained by illegal importation from other countries where it is approved for human use. Inhalers would be harder to smuggle into North America. It's used in Mexico, too, under the name Brogen.

Should thyroid hormones be used with Clen?
Animal studies have shown that Clen’s effects rapidly fade away. As thyroid hormones are one of the regulators of those beta receptors, their use while on Clen has been suggested in order to prevent the receptor down regulation. I think it is a mistake. Serious (non-natural) bodybuilders are on thyroid medications most of the year so they are not concerned by this issue. It is true that in order to get lean fast, this is a cheap and very effective stack. But as you stop those drugs, you will have a hard time retaining your lean condition. So, this is a very short term solution. I do not know how rumors of Clen shutting down the user thyroid got started and why scientific research was ignored on that point. Clen (and most beta agonist) tend to increase (not decrease) thyroid activity which is good. So there is no need for exogenous thyroid while on Clen for most dieters. On the other hand, it is a good idea to alternate thyroid cycles and oral Clen cycles during a diet.

Supervision and Control Status of Clenbuterol
Clenbuterol is currently not controlled under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). However, clenbuterol is listed by the World Anti-Doping Agency and the International Olympic Committee as a performance enhancing drug and therefore athletes are barred from its use. At present, no states have placed clenbuterol under control.

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