03 December 2008

When does falsehood taken as truth? When the falsehood said over and over again just like a doctrine.

Although only a myth, most of us still believe falsehood, especially when it’s related to weight loss. This is also occurs in many weight loss and diet industries. That’s why, it’s not surprising anymore if those industries spent billions dollar to advertising their product to get as much consumer. Only few of them were success with the diet program, but still many people believe that they will success.

By educate your self with this information and education, you’re not gonna be easy to be influence by the industries flaterry. Let’s take what are those myths are :

1. Loose 30 pounds in 30 days
This statement is totally wrong! It’s a mislead information from many producer to consumer. Permanent weight loss need life style change, not by instant and short cut. You need to hard work to get 30 pounds lose.

2. Fat is bad for your health
For you who try to lose weight, please remember, not all fat bad for you. There is bad fat you should avoid, but there also some fatty essential required for your health.

3. Avoid carbohydrate
Many people get misunderstand from this statement. You should distinguish between unhealthy carbohydrate (such as sugar) and complex carbohydrate, like vegetables and beans which provide essential vitamin and fibre for your digestion.

4. Not eat at all
Oh… NO! Not consume or eat at all can harm your own condition, even for losing weight. Not eat at all will losing your muscle mass not fat! Although you loose couple kilograms, you’ll regain your weight as normal even more. Yeah… you don’t like it!

5. Don’t eat after 6 pm
It’s not about what time you eat, but what you eat! European ate at 10 pm, but their body size were half from the American.

6. Salad is healthy
Bacon, cheese, fried chicken and other oily dressings inside the salad should be considered as hidden fat. Choose and pick fruit salad and vegetables salad that free bad fat.

7. Diet soda can help you lose weight
There is no study in this world support the statement that soda can help you losing weight. Do you still believe?

8. Don’t weight often
This was on of the mislead thing which not agreed. By checking your weight once to two times a week, is a concrete way to measure your development of weight loss program. But, in my personal opinion, measure your weight by weigh balance is an annoying thing to do. I’m suggests to measure your circle wrist, hip, stomach and arm periodically.

9. Take pills
You can’t change healthy food and exercise with a pill only. Weight loss Pills are not a new thing, they have been tried many decades with horrible side effect!

10. You have to join to the gym
Actuallu, new research indicate that moderate physical activity for 30-60 minutes a day is necessary to balancing the consume of healthy food. So, you don’t have to take daily extreme exercise by join the gym. Remember, just move your body, you can do it by dancing too, such as salsa or rumba. This could be fun.


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