12 November 2008

Wheatgerm oil is made from the germ of the wheat. The grain consists of three parts : the husk, the germ and the endosperm and it is the germ that is used in the manufacture of the oil. Although the germ only constitutes 3% of the weight of a wheat grain, it contains nearly 25% of the protein, vitamins and minerals.

Smells strongly of dark bread

High in Vitamins A, B & D
Rich in naturally antioxidants including vitamin E and beta carotene
Rich in octacosanol (a potent source of energy prized by athletes)
Phosphatides and Phytosterols (assist in the digestion of fats)

Very thick

honey-colored (light yellow)

Absorption and Feel

Shelf Life
Wheatgerm oil is a very sensitive oil, therefore must be used cautiously. It tends to degrade in quality, when exposed to high temperatures. Shelf life of near about 6-8 months

Extraction Method
Cold Pressed

Wheat germ oil would be harmful to those people who have a wheat allergy, or gluten sensitivity like :
  • Celiac Disease (CD)
  • Dermatitis Herpitiformus (DH)

Both Diseases are sensitive to the gluten in the wheat germ, and might inadvertently absorbed through the skin.

Uses and Health Benefits :

  • When it is applied topically on to the skin it helps promote the formation of new cells, improve circulation, and to help repair sun damage to the skin
  • Helpful for dry cracked skin, mature complexions, eczema, psoriasis, scars, prematurely aged skin, aging skin, stretch marks and hair care
  • This oil is said to stimulate tissue regeneration
  • It’s antioxidantproperties often recommended as addition to other oils to increase stability and shelf life
  • It has excellent skin care properties due to its low odor and good spread-ability. May be used in cosmetics, toiletries, soaps, OTC pharmaceuticals, sun care and nutraceuticals to enhance cellular health
    Suggested Use Levels :
    Lotions & Creams : 5-15%
    Balms : 5-10%
    Bar Soaps : 5-10%
    Hair Conditioners : 5-8%
    SAP value : 180-200. INCI = Triticum Vulgare {wheat} Germ Oil
  • Using it for massage may be too heavy on its own, but with its great nourishing qualities, it is a good choice to include a small percentage when mixing a massage oil or preparing a carrier oil blend
  • Because the consistency is far too sticky and heavy to use on its own , it can be overpowering. Dilute 5-10% with other carrier oil
Wheatgerm Oil Chemical Analysis
Fatty acidsRangeTypical
PalmiticC16:011.0 -16.0 %12.5 %
PalmitoleicC16:11.0 % max0.2 %
StearicC18:02.0 - 6.0 %2.5 %
OleicC18:112.0 - 39.0 %27.3 %
LinoleicC18:230.0 -57.0 %53.7 %
LinolenicC18:32.0 - 10.0 %3.0 %
ArachidicC20:01.0 % max0.4 %
GadoleicC20:10.5 % max0.2 %
BehenicC22:01.0 % max0.1 %


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