17 November 2008

Aromatherapy become more and more popular in this time. You can use it as individual taking a luxurious bath, receiving a relaxing massage, or someone spraying some "pretty smelling" substance into the air.

There’re so many benefits and have lots of purpose for using the aromatherapy. Most of the aromatherapy products were use as therapeutic purpose. That’s why to obtain the optimal therapeutic benefit of the products that you use, it is important to pay attention to ingredient and product labeling, product descriptions and marketing claims.
  1. Find Out the Company/Individual That You Are Purchase
    You can explore on Web sites of the companies or individual that you are interested in purchasing from. Most reputable aromatherapy suppliers provide details about their company history, their organizational affiliations, and the educational background of those that formulate their products. Detailed product descriptions that include ingredient lists and descriptions of the benefits of each ingredient are especially helpful. Beware purchasing natural or aromatherapy-specific products from companies that do not focus the majority of their business on natural product manufacture.
  2. Read Ingredient Lists
    Read labels and familiarize yourself with the names of healthy natural ingredients, synthetic and toxic ingredients you should avoid. There are many Harmful Ingredients in skincare products.
  3. Find Out Products claimed "100% Natural" or "All Natural"
    These phrases can help you more easily spot the all natural treasures.
  4. "Made With Essential Oils" or "Made With Natural Ingredients" Label
    Sometimes the Aromatherapy product claims "Made With Essential Oils" or "Made With Natural Ingredients" or “Made Without Fragrance Oils”. Beware! It doesn’t always means that the product only made with the ingredients specified. It may contain a synthetic fragrance oils, not all of the product is natural.
  5. Products Claimed "Made With 90% Natural Ingredients"
    90% natural means, the remaining 10% is synthetic. You better decide if you’re comfortable using the products. Most of the products that claimed 100% natural ingredients were more expensive.
  6. Pay Attention When Purchasing Aromatherapy Products at Craft Fairs or Other Limited Time Events
    In this events, some vendors have just started making aromatherapy products and are testing the waters to see how their products will sell. Others may know their customers have no recourse against them after the event is over. Some of these companies don't have product liability insurance. This is a caution for beginners who are not able to reliably judge quality at first.


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