14 November 2008

Carrier oil can be stored in plastic, it’s not dissolve the plastic like essential did. Sometimes, when you buy carrier oils from supplier, it may packed in a plastic (PET/HDPE) bottle. It doesn’t mean that the carrier oils have low quality. The purpose is to save packaging and shipping costs, besides you may use up the oils shortly after purchase.

If you want to keep carrier oils for a long duration, you should keep them in a dark glass bottles with tight fitting tops in a cool dark location. Amber or cobalt Boston round bottles are ideal. If you will be using up an oil well before its lifespan, it really doesn't need to be transferred to dark glass.

You can keep them in refrigerator (except for Avocado Oil), this can help prolong the lifespan of fragile oils. It also work for a fragile carrier oils (Borage Seed Oil). You may need time to connive the to return it to room temperature because the oils may solidify or turn cloudy.


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