10 November 2008

Evening primrose is another great source of organic oil. This plant was used by the North American Indian medicine men since time immemorial to make an infusion for healing wounds. But for our purposes, where evening primrose oil is used as a carrier medium for essential oils, it is important to note that it is an exceptionally fine textured oil and has superb moisturizing properties.

It is expensive and is usually blended in a small dilution with other carrier oils. It goes rancid quickly. Unrefined Evening Primrose oil has been left in its virgin state after pressing. It has not been run through filters or chemical processes, so stronger colors and fragrances should be expected.

Slight, sweet and light scent

High in gamma and linolenic acid (an essential fatty acid)
Polysaturated omega-6 fatty acids

Thin in consistency

Medium yellow-golden yellow

Absorption and Feel
Leave a very oily feeling on skin

Shelf Life
Goes rancid very easily (6 Months to 1 Year) with proper storage conditions

Keep away from light and heat. Refrigeration after opening is recommended

Extraction Method
CO2 Extraction or Cold pressed

Uses and Health Benefits :
  • High in gamma-linolenic acid (an essential fatty acid) making it an exceptionally nourishing oil
  • Highly recommended for dry skin problems, Soothes inflammation, eczema and dermatitis
  • Essential fatty acids inhibit bacterial growth and allow our systems to defend against infection and inflammation
  • internally for PMT, MS, menopausal problems, externally psoriasis, eczema; helps to prevent prematurely aged skin, aids wound healing and any sort of dermatitis
  • Helps in Cancer, Heart Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, breast tenderness, depression, high blood pressure, overweight, PMS and Asthma
  • Purported to reduce hyperactivity in babies and young children when rubbed onto their skin
  • Evening primrose carrier oil contains adequate quantities of polysaturated omega-6 fatty acids, essential fatty acids (EFAs), which are very vital for the smooth functioning of the body
  • It aids in regulating a number of functions in the body such as insulin utilization and proper functioning of heart
  • Use at 10% dilution
  • Since the shelf life of Evening Primrose oil is not that great, it is a good idea to mix it with Wheatgerm oil to help it keep longer
  • Evening primrose oil can be used for facial massage as well, but since it is rather a sticky oil it should be mixed with another oil, such as Grapeseed oil
Evening Primrose Oil Chemical Analysis
Fatty acids Range Typical
PalmiticC16:05.5 - 7.0 %5.9 %
StearicC18:01.5 - 2.5 %1.7 %
OleicC18:15.0 - 11.0 %5.8 %
LinoleicC18:270.0 - 77.0 %75.1 %
Gamma LinolenicC18:39.0 - 10.9 %10.6 %
Alpha LinolenicC18:31.0 % max0.4 %
IcosanoicC20:01.0 % max0.2 %
IcosenoicC20:11.0 % max.01 %


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