25 October 2008

Zone Diet created by Dr. Barry Sears is about meal ratio. The formula is 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fats (sometimes called 40:30:30) and the formula must be followed at every meal.

This diet mat to complex and hard to follow. For more information, you can read book called The Zone : Revolutionary Life Plan to Put Your Body in Total Balance for Permanent Weight Loss by Barry Sears or search the internet. Some websites offer a significant amount of support for the Zone Diet (some even deliver meals and there are also a number of web sites with programs that have substantially simplified the Zone.

It’s a good program and would be a great improvement for anyone who currently has a typical western diet.

The “40 30 30” Diet Plan
Zone Diet is can be considered as low carb diet, average person consumes about 50-60% carbohydrates in their diet. Of course exercise always recommended eventhough it’s not part of the program.

  1. There is combination of all the nutrients in each meal.
  2. This diet stresses the risks of processed carbohydrates (pastas, breads etc).
  3. Zone Diet is a low carbohydrate diet with a low calorie count at times possibly too low.
  4. Due to the levels of proteins, it is possible to gain muscle on this diet (but only with the right weights and exercise training).
  1. For some people it’s hard to do coz requiring dedication and discipline.
  2. This diet may be difficult to work around eating with family and friends.


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