01 October 2008

Diet pills or as they are commonly known appetite suppressants, being prescribed from the 1950s. Early in the 1950s, the first pill introduced is amphetamines which are also popularly known as speed. Amphetamine is extremely addictive drug and medical professionals soon discovered that they did much more harm then good and that they will have to find another solution to the weight loss.

As you can imagine weight loss is a difficult process, while it is not impossible it tends to be quite hard to overcome for those who have eating disorders and prefer to live a motionless life. Diet pill marketers tend to make fantastic claims in order to make their products sell regardless of how true these statements may be, this is why the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has stepped up to the plate to regulate the way diet pills are advertised to consumers. This was the particular case managed by the FTC in January, 2007 when fines were levied against marketers of Xenadrine EFX, One A Day Weight Smart, CortiSlim and TrimSpa.

As over the years medicine progressed several more medications (Redux and Pondimin) appeared on the market. Very soon after that pharmaceutical companies produced a drug popularly known as fen-phen pills. It was produced by combining fenfluramine with phentermine, and the drug soon gained bad reputation for various side effects.

Just like any other medications weight loss medications have to be tested and approved by Food and Drug Administration or popularly know FDA, before it can be legally distributed on the market or prescribed by your doctor.

While these pills have not been proven to be harmful, the claims made by their marketers were extremely misleading so these are the facts about diet pills :
  • Diet pills will help you loose weight by suppressing the desire to eat, this reduces the consumption of calories into your body making it easy to loose weight.
  • A fair amount of liquid needs to be taken every day because these pills tend to act as diuretics.
  • It is always recommended to use natural diet pills over prescription treatments because of their dangerous side effects, the second option should only be practiced under direct professional supervision.
  • Exercise is a key element which should be included as a daily task while taking diet pills.
  • Fast food places should be avoided while you are in this treatment.
Because many of the ingredients used so far have been proven to have harmful side effects, active ingredients used in a modern day diet pills now come more and more from natural plant sources. But it does not mean that these ingredients are 100% side effect free.

Including Probably the best known modern day herbal supplement used is ephedra. Ephedra has also been proven to cause major side effects and health problems.

Caffeine used in many forms from tea and coffee to pills is another very popular weight loss supplement on the market today. In our search for better looks we are willing to endanger our health to the point of madness, while all the time we have natural and beneficial ways of keeping fit and looking good right before our very noses.

Only healthy diet combined with regular exercise guarantees long term weight loss and good looks, and that goes for both women and men. In your effort to lose weight and look better remember that there is no magic pill that will make you look and feel good.


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