25 October 2008

Particularly, fat is the main factor for obesity. But, not all fat are bad some of t he fats are good. That’s why very important to differentiate between types of fat.

Health authorities have been saying that a low fat diet is best. Indeed many people have been able to gain some control over their weight by lowering their fat consumption.

The Fat
  • Low Fat : 20-30% of fats calories
  • Very Low Fat : 0-19% of fats calories
List of low fat diets :

  • Diet with high fiber, very popular in the late 1980s
Hip and Thigh Diet
  • Very low fat diet by Rosemary Conley’s, popular during the early 1990s
Ornish Diet
  • Very low fat diet by Dr Dean Ornish
Pritikin Diet
  • Very low fat, high carb diet
  • Scarsdale
  • Low fat, high protein diet, popular in the 1970s
Other low fat diets :
  • 3 Hour Diet
  • Jenny Craig
  • Mayo Clinic Plan
  • Rice Diet
  • Weight Watchers


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