25 October 2008

Low carb diets have become increasingly popular. However there is considerable ambiguity over exactly what is low carbohydrate.

According to USDA Food Pyramid :
  • High Carb 50-70%
  • Moderate Carb 40-50%
  • Low Carb 25-39%
  • Very Low Carb 0-25%
However it is common to find that any diet less than 50-60% carb ratio is called a low carb diet. The lower the carb ratio, the higher the fat and protein ratio (tends to be a high protein diet).

List of Low Carb Diets
These diets actually made up of little, moderate or no carbohydrate :

Anne Collins Low Carb Diet
  • 28-day plan in 2 phases: Phase 1 (14-days) average of 30g carbs per day- Phase 2 (14-days) average of 55g carbs per day.
  • It’s a ketogenic diet.
Carbohydrate Addicts
  • Kind of low carbohydrate but not enough for ketosis.
  • 2 meals have no carbohydrate, and then a 3rd meal is made up of about 1/3 carbohydrates.
Fat Flush
  • This detox diet is not usually referred to as a low-carb diet - but it has about the same macro-nutrient ratios as the Zone (about 40% carb).
Hampton’s Diet
  • Quite similar to Atkins, but with an emphasis on healthier fats (macadamia nut oil).
Ketogenic diet
  • A diet with no carbohydrate, high in fat and moderate protein.
  • This diet will put the body in a state of ketosis, where ketones rather than glucose are used for energy.
  • Diet with low carbohydrate.
  • Grains are banded.
Protein Power
  • A Moderate carbohydrate diet has similar ratio to the Zone Diet.
Rosedale Diet
  • Rosedale places emphasis on more fats and no starchy carbs.
  • Consume only low GI (Glycemic Index) and un-refined carbohydrates.
Sugar Busters
  • Diet with moderate carbohydrate (30-40% carbs) and low daily calorie intake.
South Beach Diet Zone Diet
A moderate carbohydrate diets about 40% carbohydrates.

Other Low or Reduced Carb Diets
  • Eat Fat, Get Thin
  • Go-Diet
  • Insulin Resistance Diet
  • Leptin diets
  • Life Without Bread
  • Schwarzbein Principle
  • Specific Carbohydrate Diet
  • Your Fat Can Make You Thin


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