10 October 2008

Glucomannan is one of weight loss drugs which suppress appetite. Appetite can be suppressed naturally with the help of some suppressants. Some results have been positive in this regard.

Glucomannan extracted form the konnyaku root which belongs to the family of yam. Japan has been using this supplement for several centuries so that Asian females can remain thin, studies are progressing steadily to prove that it is effective.

Mechanism of Action
Twenty fat people consume a prescribed dose of glucomannan for eight weeks, they were able to lose about five and a half pounds on average without following any diet plan. There was also a singnificant drop in their cholesterol levels.

Most subject (dieters) feels that the stomach is full because glucomannan swells after consumption. It is very helpful in relieving the constipation and also it has been found that the fat content in blood reduces.

You should consume multivitamin and mineral when using glucomannan because the consumption of nutrients in the body reduces.

Efforts have been going on from several decades to control blood sugar by physicians. Glucomannan’s origin is Konjac plant. Researches supports that the glucose is abridged by the Glucomannan. The fat loss is related to the diminution of glucose in blood, several studies shows that this phenomenon is caused by konjac glucomannan.

Glucomannan can decrease glucose and originates from Konjac plant. Several studies have proven that Kanjac glucomannan has shown effectiveness to reduce the blood glucose levels and this has lead to fat loss.

If you have a plan to take, you should have consultation with your doctor. The side effect should be considered and the dosage must be properly prescribed by a doctor or physician.


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