10 October 2008

What is Co-Enzyme Q10?
Co-Enzyme Q10 also known as CoQ10 is fat soluble enzyme that has a lot of positive effect on the health of the person. It’s found in each and every cell of the body. This antioxidant helps the body to produce energy within same cell for several other mitochondrial enzymes. The basis of cellular energy is mitochondria.

It is a type of powerful antioxidant that assists our body to fight against harmful radicals who may lead to various diseases like cancer or some heart disease. This enzyme helps in increasing the rate of chemical reaction going in our body.

This supplement is amongst most essential supplements required by the body so as to maintain shape. People usually take these supplements in diet plans so as to cater to the needs of the body. The presence of this enzyme is highest in liver, pancreas, and heart and also in liver but lowest in lungs.

The Sources
Co-Enzyme Q10 could be found in :
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Fish (Mackarel)
  • Red meat (Beef, Pork, Lamb). Liver, heart, kidney and organ meats are regarded as the best food sources of co-enzyme q10
  • Eggs
  • Grain and Wheat germ
  • Peanuts
  • Made naturally in our body.

Co-enzyme q10 rich foods must be grown in completely pollution free environment and must be unprocessed. Usually organic foods are preferred for intake of this supplement.

People these are taking supplements of co-enzyme q10 because this supplement is affected by cooking of food. It is preferred that food should be taken in raw form so as to make up to needs of this supplements but eating all things in raw is not possible so taking additional supplement of co-enzyme q10 is preferred.

Co-enzyme q10 Health Benefits for Weight Loss

  • CoQ10 plays a major role in absorption and usage of oxygen by our body’s cells.
  • Co-enzyme q10 effectively pump blood to your heart leaves you with immense energy.
  • The viscosity of blood is lowered thus improving the efficiency of heart.
  • This supplement boosts the immune system to higher levels. Helps the body in energy production with protection and strengthening.
  • The ability of body to deal with diseases is increased because the level of antibodies also increases.
  • It helps the energy production in the form of ATP.
  • Co-enzyme q10 has a great advantages for cardiovascular (Heart failure), and diabetes. It helps heart by increasing the flow of blood with oxygen to the heart and thus preventing cholesterol buildup.
  • It prevents gum diseases by enabling the healing power of your gums thus giving them an ultimate strength.

Mechanism Action of Co-enzyme q10 in Loosing Weight

  • This enzyme helps in improvement of metabolism by increasing its rate to a considerable amount so in a way helps on fat loss and thus weight loss.
  • This enzyme can attack the deposited fats present in our body and get dissolved in it.
  • It makes the fat’s chemical bond very weak and vulnerable to even minor energy. This way the fats that earlier were deposited in our body can now be processed in our body and thus helps in fat loss.
  • A person should change his/her diet after the age of 30 as then body is too vulnerable against free radical attack which can be easily dealt with the presence of CoQ10 enzymes presence in our body in proper percentage.
  • This enzyme also helps in preventing the nervous getting stuck to each other and choked in case of blood clot.
  • It can also be used to repair damaged skin.

Side Effect of Co-enzyme q10
So far there is no serious side-effects have been reported till now. This enzyme is also included in the health diet of many health clubs and especially for the clients who want to become slim, loose fat etc. This enzyme also prevents the deposition of more fats in our body which can make a person overweight. Avoid eating fried stuff, chocolates and other high sugar content with proper diet and intake of pills of this enzyme who want to lose fat.

Co-enzyme q10 doesn’t is not sufficient alone to provide a complete cure. Take in conjunction along with other supplements to see effective results. Weight loss is only possible with proper exercises and good diet along with co-enzyme q10. if a body suffers from deficiency of co-enzyme q10 then only it is recommended to take it as an additional supplement.

Consult your doctor before taking this supplement as a part of your diet plan.


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