25 October 2008

Fad Diet is diet that promotes a restricted eating-plan or certain liquid foods lacking sufficient food value is termed as Fad Diet. The fad diets are very low in calories so they cause quite fast weight loss. However, quick weight loss may not be healthy and - in most cases - is not fat loss. It is actually water-loss which is quickly regained when the dieter resumes normal eating. The fad diets can cause weight cycling, so fad dieting in also dubbed as ‘Yo-Yo dieting’, which means a continuing pattern of gaining and losing weight. The fad diets are considered unhealthy.

The definition of a fad diet is very subjective. Many people use the term to deride what they consider is a poor weight loss diet. However a fad diet is simply a weight loss diet that becomes very popular (often quickly) and then may fall out of favor (sometimes just as quickly).

Other Definitions of a Fad Diet
Some nutritionists define a fad diet by a series of questions rather than assessing popularity :
  • Recommendations that promise a quick fix
  • Claims that sound too good to be true
  • Dramatic statements that are refuted by reputable scientific organizations
  • Recommendations from studies that ignore differences among individuals or groups
  • Eliminated one or more of the five food groups
Atkins at Home (Pure Foods Low Carb)
  • Delivers all USA, daily delivery available in Southern California
  • Weekly delivery of meals based on the Atkins diet
Cabbage Soup Diet
  • It’s a 7 days eat meal, with cabbage soup every days vegetables and fruits with very less meat
  • This diet is not sustainable but continues to fall in and out favor.
  • Not a Recommended diet in long term use can coz lack of nutrition
Low Carb Diet
  • Very popular during 2003-2004 but interest began to decline towards the end of 2004.
  • Diet with very low to moderate carbohydrate
Low Fat Diet
  • Diet with very low to low fat, very popular during the 1980s and 1990s.
Negative Calorie Diet
  • Healthy Diet with lots of green vegetables, very nutritious yet low in calories.
South Beach Diet
  • Almost similar with Atkins and Zone Diet, but not all the same (Healthy version of Atkins Diet)
  • It’s all about balancing the good carbs against the "bad" carbs.
  • The South Beach continues to be one of the biggest selling diet books of all time.
Zone Diet
  • Meal ratio : 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fats (sometimes called 40:30:30).
  • Many celebrity endorsement.
3 Day Diet
  • It was a rapid loosing weight diet, and shouldn’t not be used in longterm.
  • These kind of diet are popular due to the promise of instant gratification. There is never any long term success with such a diet.
Other Fad Diet Contenders
  • Apple Cider
  • Beverly Hills Diet
  • FatLoss4Idiots
  • Grapefruit Diet
  • Hollywood Diet
  • Vinegar Diet


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