20 October 2008

Exsist since 1996, now, eDiets has already become the largest online weight loss program with total members more than 1.3 million. Many dieters or even nutrients recommend eDiets as the most success online diets.

eDiets are a subscription-based service, where the user pays quarterly. For the price you receive a number of services; customized diet and meal plans, shopping list, recipes, email assistance, and access to online tools and calculators.

Nutrition and Diet Plans
eDiets offer a bewildering array of diet plans. Over the past few years they have added a number of plans and are always adding more. Here is they are :
  • Atkins Nutritional Approach
  • Bill Phillips’ Eating For Life
  • Cholesterol Lowering
  • Glycemic Impact Diet
  • eDiets.com Weight Loss Plan
  • Healthy Soy
  • Heart Smart Diet (based off the AHA plan)
  • High Fiber
  • Low Sugar
  • Low Sodium
  • Lactose Free
  • Low-Fat
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Type 2 Diabetes Diet
  • Vegetarian
  • If you confuse which one is appropriate for you, eDiets also provide Diet Needs Analysis survey. It will ask a number of questions, and then come up with the best choices for weight loss.
  • You’re also can change your individual food items anytime. May you’ve allergic with some foods or you just don’t have desire to that kind of food.
  • There is a single subscription price ($4.49 per week). This also includes access to a complete fitness program (along with videos and 3D animations).
  • There are many success stories, many of them loose their weigh until ideal weight. The combination of nutrition and food choices make them a good choice if you need help organizing your eating plans.
eDiets introduced their own nationwide meal delivery plan which makes the diet very easy to follow.


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