11 October 2008

Overweight? Obesity? Hate it aren’t you? I want have a slim body, but it’s very hard to get this. Is There easy way? Will diet drugs help?

The rate at which a large number of people are getting overweight is rising very steeply. This rise in weight at such levels is not only occurring in adults, but it is also what the children is going through as well.

So what is cause of the Weight Gain?
Simple thing can be the caused for weight Gain, you may not even realize it.
  • Eating food that contains a lot of saturated fats in the meals.
  • The use of refined sugar in sodas and other processed foods
  • Foods with less fiber
  • Genetics
  • Eating excessively
  • Slower metabolism in elder people.
Why People Prefer to Use Pills then Exercise or Diet?
Losing weight takes a lot of time. The process so complex and it takes a lot of time following the exercise and diet plans and goes through the process of reducing weight. Because of the excessive time taken during the process of losing weight, people look for different modes through which they can lose weight and using over the counter diet pills is one way of losing weight.

Drugs Mostly Prescribed In The Past 40 Years
In the past 40 years time from 1950s to 1990s, the doctors have been prescribing drugs that have been acting by increasing the serotonin levels in the brain, which makes the brain to realize that the stomach is full and there is no need for the individual to eat, and it also increased the individual’s metabolic rate as well.

What is the Side Effect if I Take These Drugs?
It was found out that these drugs had side effects that were related to cause heart valve disease and these medicines were then taken off of the market.

Making And Prescription Of New Drugs
After the over the counter drugs were taken off the market, the new drugs were made and later prescribed by the doctors, and there are a lot of drugs that are still waiting to get the Food and Drug Administration approval.

The Market
These over the counter pills are being marketed as wonder pills where an individual does not have to change diet and they do not have to change any of their lifestyles and they have heard and seen success stories in the people around them, friends and family members and things look very exciting and easy to achieve.

What Do People React on These Drugs?
People spend millions of dollars every year in order to buy these pills to help them reduce weight and thus the companies are making a whole lot of business through their marketing campaigns.

Is It Safe?
There are many kinds of diet pills which can be purchased either over the counter or the individual. Consult with your doctor’s and ask them what is the safest diet pill that they can take so that they do not have any untoward side effects.

What is the Side Effects of Diet Pills?
Each individuals has different reaction and side effect. They include diarrhea, vomiting, tightness in the chest, urinary tract problems and can also cause heart attack or stroke.

What happen if I Get Overdosing Of Diet Pills?
The overdose of the diet pills can cause tremors, confusion, shallow breathing, hallucinations, renal failure, heart attack and convulsions.

How Can I Prevent The Side Effects?
The side effects depend on the lifestyle and health of the individuals and that can be minimized to a greater extent if one consults a doctor and follows his guidelines in using the diet pills and the specific dosages.

What Happens In Case Of Abrupt Withdrawals?
In case of abrupt withdrawals of the diet pills, the individuals begin to experience symptoms and side effects that include mood swings, hyperactivity, stomach cramps, nightmares, insomnia, extreme fatigue, severe irritability, depression, nausea, vomiting and trembling.

You should always remember! The best result you can get is by in conjunction with a balanced diet and an exercise plan, so that the results are just what you want and achieve better results in the least time possible.


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