23 October 2008

Diet To Go is one of the few delivery services that make meals fresh with no preservatives. It has been exist for more than 15 years. The strategy is to make sure their food tastes as good or better than anything you are already eating. Delivery services to all of America include Hawaii and Alaska. You can pick the food by yourself if you live Washington, DC, Philadelphia or San Francisco area at Diet-To-Go Center.

The Fresh Meal
Plus point for Diet to Go is they don’t use preservatives at all. Meals are freshly prepared and then packed in dry ice, and shipped in a styrofoam cooler.
There’s lot of variant and you can choose from low fat, low carb and vegetarian options.
Plus they offer excellent flexibility so you can choose the type of plan that fits your schedule (5 day meals, 7 day meals, 2 meals a day, 3 meals a day, etc.)

How much does it Costs?
Diet To Go offers some of the lowest prices for freshly prepared meals on the market, which is impressive. In general prices range from $10-$20 per day. But it also depends on :
  1. How many meals you day (2 or 3)
  2. Type of plan (low fat, low carb or vegetarian)
  3. How many days the food delivered (5 or 7)
  4. How many weeks order at one time (a longer order will save you some money)
  5. How many calories a day your plan offers (1200 or 1600)
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