20 October 2008

George Cruise, a fitness trainer create 3-Hour diet inspired from his logical extension to his fitness routines, bringing in a diet regime to suit the average consumer.

Eat Every 3 Hours
  • It’s all about meal frequency!
  • Blood sugar levels will be more consistent if you eat every 3 hours.
  • Metabolism of the body also will remain in a heightened state.
How to Do That?
  • 3 Hours eat means you’ve got 5 meals per day breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus two snacks in between.
  • Food groups should always be combined - i.e. protein should be eaten with carbohydrates and fat (and fruit and vegetables where possible).
  • Don’t forget to drink 8 glasses of water per day.
  • The principles of correct nutrition, appropriate exercise, and frequent eating are an effective strategy for losing weight.
  • The good thing is even you’re on diet, you still can eat junk food as long as you obey the basic rules.
  • For many people a diet like this is far more approachable than one that suddenly restricts food or calls for dramatic changes.
  • The book describes a method to pick appropriate portion sizes rather then rigidly counting calories but later goes on to restrict portion sizes to certain calories!
  • Weight loss and nutrition are two separate but related issues. Fast food should always be a last-resort food - not a daily staple.
The Three Hour Diet will be popular, but in the end offers very little in new science or nutrition.


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