18 September 2008

Dental TreatmentIn office fluoride treatment helps to protect the teeth from decay.

Dental Benefits of Fluoride
Fluoride has been proven to effectively reduce the prevalence of dental caries and tooth decay.

How does this thing work?
  1. Strength Over Time : Fluoride makes teeth stronger to help prevent initiation of dental caries and tooth decay resulting from acid contained in sugars and the breakdown of carbohydrates.
  2. Therapeutic Output : Fluoride re-mineralizes areas of the teeth that are weakened by acid.
FluoridesWhich Fluoridated should I choose?
Basically fluorides come in two basic forms :
  1. Topical Fluorides : These fluorides strengthen teeth by providing better resistance to decay. This category includes toothpastes and home mouth rinses, as well as gels, foams and rinses incorporated during your dental visits.
  2. FluoridesSystemic Fluorides : These fluorides include water fluoridation, tablets, drops or lozenge dietary fluoride supplements. Dietary fluoride supplements may be recommended for children between the ages of six months and sixteen who live in communities without fluoridated water. These supplements available by prescription only.


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