22 September 2008

Fast food such as burger, fried potato or pizza, can be very nyummy when we feel hungry. But, fast food has a negative impact to health. How to avoid it? Here the tips :
  1. If you’re gona spend all day outside house, eat first before you leave. You will not feel hungry and teased if pass through places that sale fast food.
  2. Thing something bad about fast food. Like this, Think how much oil use to cook this food and how much fat contains in fast food. Maybe if you imagine it you will have no appetite anymore.
  3. Straight your hearth. Keep promising in your heart, you will not eat it. Believe in your self that reward from your struggle will be useful and lots of benefit you will get. Think this: if I stop eat fast food, I will have a more slim body and my weight will not increase.
  4. Eat lots of light meal which contain healthy ingredient such as fibre. If you have light meal at home, you will not easily come to fast food restaurant. Make sure that your light meal pretty tease.
  5. Give reward to your self. It’s has no adverse. If you success not eat fast food, go see movie or eat a chocolate bar. You deserve to get it.
  6. Try many activities. Get your mind focus to another thing, you will not think to come at fast food restaurant.
  7. Let another person drive your car. If somebody else drive your car, they feel not necessary to pull over by some fast food.
  8. Always make sure tour healthy light meal on hand. If some friend ask you to eat fast food, you have already had this meal.
  9. Make a target. If you’re not eat fast food for a couple days, you will loose your appetite and will not come to fast food restaurant for a long time again.
  10. Get ‘n experiment and try to learn cooking. This will make you stop eat in outside home, plus you can learn something new. Try it, you’ll love it!


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