02 September 2008

Do you feel your skin peeled after sunburn? Sure You do. This experience may not look too pleasant. The skin peed after sunburn is caused by the sloughing off of dead skin to make way for the new, tender skin underneath. Don’t woory, Peeling is a part of healing process. There are several ways in which peeling can be reduced or be made slightly less unpleasant.

Extended sun exposure causes severe damage to the upper layers of the skin, killing The skin cells and creating a characteristic area of redness and blistering, in the case of severe burns. Typically, in the first few days after the sunburn, the dead skin remains intact, while the body busily builds up new cells underneath; the dead skin acts as a protective layer while these cells grow, as they are very fragile when they are new.

The skin peel after a sunburn happens when the new cells underneath are ready to be exposed, which happens to coincide with the time when the last of the moisture departs the damaged upper layers of the skin. The dried skin in turns starts to flake, peel, and eventually slough off to reveal brand-new cells underneath. During this phase, these cells are typically very vulnerable to sun damage, because they have not experienced the power of the sun before.

You can avoid this skin peel. How? The best way is not to get sunburn in the first place, with the use of protective garments and creams. For those who are already sunburned, taking care of the sunburn can help ease the peeling process.

Always wash you burned skin with mild soap in lukewarm to cool water, and patted dry, rather than being rubbed. You can also spritz of vinegar after a shower to help ease the itching associated with sunburns, and also reduces the skin peel after a sunburn. Moisturizer can also help to keep the damaged skin moist, making it less prone to peeling. It is also a good idea to allow plenty of fresh air to pass the site, rather than keeping a sunburn under wraps.
However, the dead skin have to go, and some people prefer to let nature take its course rather than trying to reduce the rate of peeling.


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