12 September 2008

Breakfast is the fuel that keeps us running throughout the day.
Sometimes it's just too easy to skip breakfast. You're in a rush, you'd prefer to sleep a little later rather than prepare a meal, or it's so hectic getting the kids off, you just can't seem to make the effort or find the time. Don't skip your breakfast! You can eat on the way to work or, pack it and eat it once you get there and get settled in.

Skipping meals almost always leads us to overeating. This is especially true in the case of breakfast, because you've just been asleep for 7 or 8 hours and your body need to recover from this brief period of starvation. If you don't eat something in the morning, you are literally forcing yourself into running on empty.

Glucose, it's essential for your body. Brain and nervous system need glucose to work. Weather you walking, speaking, stretching, typing or any activity that you do requires glucose. If you don't supply it, your system resorts to finding stored carbohydrates or it tries to turn fat into glucose.

There are so many alternative you can do for breakfast. Toy can try this next alternative.
  • Eat rice, soup and steamed vegetables in the morning. I t will help you reduce fat and add nutrients from the veggie. Well, it may take some time to get used to it.
  • Ow, I wake up late! I have to go now! Try this: Melt non fat cheese onto a slice of sted wheat bread or spread reduced fat peanut butter onto diet white bread.
  • You can eat popcorn for breakfast. There are many delicious "light" types of popcorn out there.
  • Hot cereal! Hmmmm, so nyummy! There are many tasty low-fat varieties available. Add fruit or reduced calorie syrup to give it that extra zing. Hot cereal is perfect for winter mornings and will probably keep you feeling full a little longer than cold cereal.
  • If you find you are hungry after experimenting with any these low-fat breakfasts, you will probably want to have a protein-based snack mid-morning. Eat a piece of fruit and some low-fat cheese on crackers later in the morning if you feel hungry. Try humus on wheat pita bread.
  • Eggs are a great protein-rich breakfast. Eggs are nutrient-rich with vitamins like B and K as well as folic acid, which is especially important to women's health.
  • If you find that cereal and milk just don't tide you over, try yogurt instead. It is more filling and also includes live bacteria cultures that are good for you. Or, supplement your favorite cereal with fruit sliced into it. Watch out for the high-sugar types. Not only does the extra sugar harm your diet, those cereals also tend to be less filling. Eat first thing, but then mid-morning have a larger snack with some fat and protein in it.


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