19 September 2008

A number of technologies are available to help screen and diagnose oral diseases and conditions. Technologies that used to screen for oral disease :

Disease Susceptibility Detector
  • Disease Susceptibility DetectorMicrobiologic arrays have been developed and are now used to screen for the pathogens that cause tooth caries and periodontal disease.
  • Child aged two years old can now be screened for certain microbes to assess if they are at increased risk to develop dental caries.
Oral Cancer Revealed
  • Vizilite VelscopeVizilite VelscopeCancer is a lethal disease, 60% sufferers are died because of this. If diagnosed early, survival improves significantly.
  • Dentists now have some important aids : Vizilite and Velscope. They detect abnormal tissue in the mouth by measuring fluorescence.
Heart Attack and Stroke Filters
  • Heart AttackHeart attack and stroke can be detected by CRP test than the result of high cholesterol. CRP (-Reactive Protein) is as a response of chronic inflammation.
  • If the dentist finds that the results are questionable, further medical evaluation will be required. These types of referrals have led to the detection of cancer, arthritis, gout and diabetes.


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