16 September 2008

Sugar drink has a glycemic index as they are quickly absorbed by the body to release instant energy. Not all of Sugar Drink in market has a high glycemic index. Nowadays, there are a number of aerated drinks that are marked as calorie free. These sugar drinks are low in the glycemic index and won’t cause weight gain.

Eating the right diet can helping reduce the glycemic index. There are a number of techniques that are employed to reduce weight. After the accumulation of large quantity of fat in the body it is very difficult for a person to lose weight.

The Low Glycemic index food has a different approach altogether. It specifies a low carbohydrate diet and a low fat diet. The low glycemic index food is efficient in reducing the weight.

The low count of carbohydrate in the low glycemic index diet is mainly to help people control the diabetes related problems. According to the researches and calculations done by the diet experts in a normal day’s diet the calorie content provided by carbohydrate should be the maximum.

The high consumption of the sugar drinks, which are high on the glycemic index, is against the weight loss techniques. You should keep away from the sugar drinks and the aerated drinks if you want to reduce your weight quickly. These drinks comprise of carbohydrates that are easily burnt and absorbed quickly.


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