10 September 2008

Nebulizing Diffuser

These diffusers pump air through a glass chamber filled with essential oils. The nebulizing diffuser is preferred by many aromatherapists because of its effectiveness in diffusing essential oils and in maintaining their therapeutic properties.

This diffuser uses no heat, and converts the essential oil into microscopic size droplets (ultra fine vapor) that remain in the air for long periods of time and minimum waste. These droplets produce a fragrant aroma and are easily assimilated through the lungs and into the bloodstream.

Nebulizing diffusers is quiet moderate, due to the action of the pump, but they're very effective. I recommend twenty to thirty minutes at a time, several times per day.

Don’t use thick oils or massage blends for nebulizing diffuser! coz the glass can become clogged.
In addition, Aromatherapy Nebulizer features convenient on/off switch, is easy to clean, and is designed with a glass injector so that oils do not come into contact with any metal parts.

The Ultrasonic Essential Oil Nebulizer

If dry winter air has you feeling less than healthy perhaps it is time to try an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser. With the new technology of ultrasonic diffusion, it is extremely easy to combine the benefits of aromatherapy with the benefits of a humidifier by way of an aromatherapy diffuser.

Built in timer settings let you run the diffuser continuously or intermittently. You can operate it for about 10 hours for less than a penny.

Ultrasonic diffuser uses ultrasonic technology (sound waves) doesn’t need heat to excite the water and break up the essential oils into tiny micro particles which float into the air. These pasrticles are generally much finer and smaller than standard diffusers that use a candle or a fan to diffuse the oils into the atmosphere.

Does this really make a difference? Some believe that it can, not only because the particles are much finer, but also because the ultrasonic diffusers provides fresh active oxygenised air, as well as improving the air quality.

Cleaning is easy, simply wipe it out with a paper towel. The moisture offered by the nebulizer makes it an excellent choice for those utilizing essential oils to support healing and relief of breathing conditions. The concentration of the aroma is a factor of the amount of essential oil added to the resevoir. 2 milliliters of essential oil, then adding more water as the unit runs until the aroma's potency needs replenishing.

Note: Like many ultrasonic humidifiers, the nebulizer may release a few water droplets on it's lid when set at highest output. This is normal, but suggested you make sure to place the unit in a location where a small amount of moisture will not do any harm.

Aromatherapy Fountain Misting Diffuser

Uses ultrasonic technology to diffuser essential oils into the air, creating a fantasctic mist while doing so.
While most humidifiers are purely functional, the Magic Mist humidifier also adds a striking touch of mood to a room. A 16-inch swirled glass dish set on a black metal scroll stand, the humidifier combines mist with variable lights for its effect.

Ultrasonic in design, the Magic Mist uses a ceramic disk to generate billowing clouds of water vapor. A selection of 16 different color options sets the display to your temperament and d├ęcor, and variable speed determines how quickly the lights cycle through their menu. The unit also operates without lights for simple mist distribution. Under typical use, the ceramic disk lasts 3000 hours and can be replaced when worn out. Fully assembled, the Magic Mist stands approximately 9-1/2 inches high and is suitable for the floor or countertop.

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