11 September 2008

Tea Candle Diffuser
To use, light the candle and simply fill the reservoir with water and a several drops of your favorite oil. Light the candle and these diffusers create a peaceful atmosphere. Tea candle diffuser can be made out of many materials: Glass, Ceramic, Metal, Soapstone to mention the most common.

This type of diffuser is great to use for a romantic or quiet evening of entertaining at home. There is nothing more relaxing then the flicker of a candle flame in a dimly lit room to add to the ambience.

The tealight candle will usually last about 2-3 hours before totally disappearing. The biggest caution is there is an open flame so use common sense as to where you have your diffuser sitting.
Also you need to monitor the level of water in the diffusers bowl.
If the bowl should go dry, DO NOT put more water or oils in until your diffuser has completely cooled. Also water and oils can be added while they are still warm without the risk of breaking the glassware since they are totally made of copper and metal.

Remember itsinclude flame, so keep the diffusers out of the reach of children!

Special Purpose Diffuser
The Aromahaler has been FDA-approved as a medicinal delivery device. It delivers vapor from essential oils directly into the air inhaled through the nose. This way, the active component of the oil goes directly and immediately to the limbic nervous system, bypassing the digestive system and the liver. This small but efficient device - which fits comfortably under the nose - provides hours of vapor from less than 1/7 of a drop of Essential Oil!

Necklace Diffuser
When I walking around at Kuta, Bali, I saw something interesting. It’s a cute necklace. Then the seller said it’s not just an ordinary necklace. I try it and…..hmmmmm, it has a great aroma. I like it.

There are several beautiful and custom-made aromatherapy pendants: gorgeous, hand blown ceramic vials in four striking styles, wooden, eco-friendly essendulum necklaces, and unique glass aromica necklaces.

Ceramic Shells And Terra Cotta Discs
These are best used in small or personal areas. They work great near your computer or desk. Then of course there is always, closets, dresser drawers, chests etc. Several of our customers use them by their bedside tables or on their head boards. They diffuse what they like and it won't bother their partners.

Guest bedrooms, or bathrooms. They will put a slight scent into the area in which they are placed. Typically they are not very over powering unless you use very strong essential oils in them.

Depending on what oils are used the scent will be present from 1 day to a week or more.

These make wonderful gifts for showers, holidays, housewarming or any other special occasion you feel like giving a little something. .

Plug-in Room Aromatherapy Diffuser
  • A very popular model - The easy way to add a little aroma to a room. This plug-in essential oil diffuser gently warms essential oils from a replaceable cotton pad.

  • Use it to diffuse oils into any smaller space. It will not burn your oils if left on for a long time, diffuse oils throughout the night. Also wonderful for adding a pleasing aroma to rooms when traveling. May be used with the digital timer to conserve oils while not becoming accustom to an oil's aroma over

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