27 August 2008

As with all forms of weight loss surgery, the vertical gastrectomy does carry risk and these will clearly vary from one patient to the next and must be discussed with physician. Because the procedure requires stapling of the stomach patients do run the risk of leakage and of other complications directly related to stapling. Complications might include:
  • Gastric leakage and fistula 1.0%
  • small bowel obstruction 1.5%
  • Deep vein thrombosis 0.5%
  • Non-fatal pulmonary embolus 0.5%
  • Post-operative bleeding 0.5%
  • Splenectomy 0.5%
  • Acute respiratory distress 0.25%
  • Pneumonia 0.2%
  • Death 0.25%
The risk of encountering any of these complications is however extremely small and varies from about 0.5 and 1%. Having said this, the risk of death from this form of surgery at about 0 .25% is extremely small.


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