25 August 2008

The health benefits of the gastric balloon are :
  1. Those associated with any method of weight loss, including an improvement in diabetes, hypertension (raised blood pressure) and sleep apnoea.
  2. A major improvements in mobility and self-esteem.
  3. At the time of removal of the Gastric Balloon, average weight loss for the 100 patients in the study was 14 kg (40% excess weight). One year later, mean weight loss was 9 kg (27% of excess weight). A further study of 140 patients with a follow-up of up to 30 months, found that 40% of patients maintained a weight loss of 25% excess weight or above.
Taken together, these results are encouraging and serve to make the very important point that long-term success with the gastric balloon depends upon a genuine commitment to making - and sustaining - significant lifestyle changes.


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