23 July 2008

T stands for Tumor
N stands for Node
M stands for Metastasis

T or Tumor Stage is sub-classified into Stage T1 through T4.
T1 : the tumor is very small and difficult to detect, as in Stage A.
T2 : prostate cancer is detectable by DRE or ultrasound imaging, but still confined entirely to the prostate.
T3 : the cancer has spread to tissues surrounding the prostate.
T4 : the tumor has reached other organs but remains within the pelvic area.

N or Node is sub classified into N0 through N4.
These are easy to grasp: 'N0' (zero) means there is no spread of the tumor to your lymph nodes. Stages N1, N2 and N3 mean it has, with 1 being the least severe and 3 being the most severe.

M refers to Metastasis stages, and this level describes a cancerous tumor that has spread far beyond the region of the body in which it originated, such as to the bones and/or other organs. M0 means metastasis has yet to occur, and M1 means the cancer has reached the metastasis stage.


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